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Braving On.

I can’t seem to stop taking a mental inventory of my backpack and suitcase, the one somewhere in the belly of this plane, not the one still holding some of the contents from my trip to Grand Rapids for Brave On over the weekend. Continue reading “Braving On.”

When the Red Tent Dinner Hits the Fan

I busily and excitedly prepared for my first Red Tent Dinner. Invitations, RSVPs, and reminder emails were behind us. Continue reading “When the Red Tent Dinner Hits the Fan”

Unexpected Surprises For An Evening Of Exquisite Grace

When I planned to host a Red Tent Dinner in March, I wondered and prayed about who to invite.  Names and faces of women came to mind over time and as they did I jotted their names on an invitation list. Continue reading “Unexpected Surprises For An Evening Of Exquisite Grace”

A Red Tent Dinner on Radical Hospitality and Belonging

When I signed up last fall to host a Red Tent dinner, all I was sure of was my desire to step outside my comfort zone as I began to make plans for what the evening would look like. Continue reading “A Red Tent Dinner on Radical Hospitality and Belonging”

Welcoming 2017 – A Red Tent Dinner

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Snow began falling the previous night, and the temperature remained below freezing all day. Continue reading “Welcoming 2017 – A Red Tent Dinner”

Red Tent Dinner: Can I come?

“Hoping your day unfolds smoothly and that your dinner tonight is lovely and all you are hoping it will be.” Continue reading “Red Tent Dinner: Can I come?”

Red Tent Dinner: Taking a Risk on Second Chances

I read the email over again, seeking to ensure it said exactly what I meant. Asking felt so risky. This whole dinner felt risky. Why had I agreed to this? Continue reading “Red Tent Dinner: Taking a Risk on Second Chances”

Red Tent Dinner: An Evening at the Lake

Letting Go to Taste Life

I sat across from her, a woman I barely knew, sipping coffee, listening, sharing and hearing stories and dreams. Continue reading “Letting Go to Taste Life”

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