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For December, Red Tent Living is reflecting on the following phrase “Present!.” We invite you to join us, or to consider exploring the idea further with a Red Tent Dinner.

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Welcome to Red Tent Living

Welcome to what is slowly unfolding as Red Tent Living!  Continue reading “Welcome to Red Tent Living”

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Below, you’ll find the latest from the Red Tent Women. We invite you to ponder, comment, and share. Above all, we hope you’ll take part.

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My Gift, My Birthday

December beckons me with a fair amount of sentimentality and ambivalence. I’ve had difficulty embracing all that this month holds for my life especially now as I anticipate turning 70 years old. Continue reading “My Gift, My Birthday”

The Ache of Presence

I knew I had to bake a cake and be present to the past. It was not at all what seemed possible on these busy few days before the holidays. Everything within me wanted to stay disconnected from the weight that was creeping into my “to do” list. Continue reading “The Ache of Presence”

For all the Darkness Disrupters: How to Know When to Hide

I have killed no less than 20 crickets today, at least 10 flies. They are the only noise piercing the silence of this writing retreat, the peace of this lodge which perches on a rock bed in the canyon. Continue reading “For all the Darkness Disrupters: How to Know When to Hide”

The Mingling

No, thank you mingles together as November unfolds into December and the waiting that marks Advent mingles together all that my heart holds in the realm of emptiness and hope. Continue reading “The Mingling”

Bethany’s Thanksgiving Playlist 2016

November holds a special place in my heart. I hope it always does. Between my birthday and Thanksgiving, I love to linger in the remaining moments of fall during this month. Continue reading “Bethany’s Thanksgiving Playlist 2016”

Choosing to Return

Salmon sculptures inlay the floors in swirling eddies of bronze and granite at Sea-Tac Airport. I’ve rushed over these fish many times as I’ve navigated a season of growth and vocational transition in Seattle. This time flying out of Seattle was different. This trip was the last trip.

Like most transitions, my move to Seattle wasn’t clean. Filled with uncertainty in the move, I’d intentionally left loose ends. My wary heart had ensured there was an exit plan. Continue reading “Choosing to Return”

Rejection Slips

“You do not write the best you can for the sake of art, but for the sake of returning your talent increased to the invisible God, to use or not use as He sees fit.” –Flannery O’Connor

I remember sitting in the post office parking lot that day, the heat of mid May filling my car as I weighed the stuffed manilla envelopes in my palm. Continue reading “Rejection Slips”

Let’s Keep Going

Once upon a time it was not okay to say, “No, thank you.” Somewhere along the journey of life, my no was swallowed up by duty and obedience. Continue reading “Let’s Keep Going”

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