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For February, Red Tent Living is reflecting on the following words, “Are You Done Yet?”.  We invite you to join us, or to consider exploring the idea further with a Red Tent Dinner.

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Below, you’ll find the latest from the Red Tent Women. We invite you to ponder, comment, and share. Above all, we hope you’ll take part.

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A Story About Death and Resurrection

You came, I knew that you would come
You sang, my heart it woke up
I’m not afraid, I see your face, I am alive
–Jonathan David and Melissa Helser


 Are you done yet? I hurled the accusation at the sky. What more do you want? How much more can I take? Continue reading “A Story About Death and Resurrection”

Stepping Towards the Impossible

My name, Esperanza, symbolizes faith – a step towards the impossible. I did not accept the name at first; I felt it to be very ordinary. I began to really love it when I found myself. Continue reading “Stepping Towards the Impossible”

Ragdoll Endurance

This past year has been one of the most challenging and painful years in my life. I felt like I was in a fierce storm being thrashed around like a little rag doll. For what seemed like eternity, all I could focus on was trying to survive one moment at a time. I felt deep betrayal, grief, fear, and panic when the community I built and loved for over a decade was at risk of being torn apart. Continue reading “Ragdoll Endurance”

Making Messes

Just a few hours ago, I was scrubbing dog poo off of the behind of my three-month-old golden doodle. There was poo everywhere: on her legs, on her tail, on her belly—not to mention all over her crate, her chew toys, and the blanket used to create a cozy space for her.
Continue reading “Making Messes”

Weathering Lyme

One measly tick changed our lives when it bit my husband and infected our lives.   Continue reading “Weathering Lyme”

More at Forty

I was lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, salty streaks pooling in my developing wrinkles.  My husband came in to the sound of deep sighs mixed with hard sniffs. I had come upstairs to change out of my pajamas when I sat on the edge of the bed and wondered how I’d gotten here.  Continue reading “More at Forty”

Time for Battle

The images contained in the message brought tears to my eyes. The message was titled “Urgent Prayers for Damascus”. Continue reading “Time for Battle”


Are you done yet?

A girl sits at the table alone. Food long grown cold. Fourteen peas sit on her plate, one for each year. They look up at her, grey-green in all their pitiful canned mockery of a pea.

“You can’t make me eat them.” And so she sat, caught in a war of control. Continue reading “Hunger”

A Voice at the Table

“Seven women met and attempted to solicit sexual services to an undercover police officer, and all were arrested on charges alleging misdemeanor solicitation.”

My throat tightens, and I try to swallow.

“It’s our goal to make it harder for these traffickers to operate in Northern Colorado. We want to help victims.”

My heart thumps in my ears. My vision narrows. Continue reading “A Voice at the Table”

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