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reframing femininity

For August, Red Tent Living is reflecting on the following word, “Instigate”.  We invite you to join us, or to consider exploring the idea further with a Red Tent Dinner.

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Welcome to Red Tent Living

Welcome to what is slowly unfolding as Red Tent Living!  Continue reading “Welcome to Red Tent Living”

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Below, you’ll find the latest from the Red Tent Women. We invite you to ponder, comment, and share. Above all, we hope you’ll take part.

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Double Pregnant

It’s mysterious how the seasons of life parallel each other.

A few hours ago I left The Anchor House, fully restored and nearly ready to open it’s doors, to then find myself greeted by boxes at my own doorstep. Inside these boxes are miscellaneous baby essentials for Asha and a few things I ordered for postpartum care. Continue reading “Double Pregnant”

Listening to Love

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I grew up in a family where much was hidden in darkness – it seemed that there was more that I wasn’t allowed to know about or to speak of than what I was. Continue reading “Listening to Love”

The Initiator

At the start of every school year, I ask my middle school students to prepare a brief “About Me” assignment to introduce themselves. I ask them to share a couple of fun personal facts, a bit about their families, and a few adjectives describing themselves. Continue reading “The Initiator”

Radical Love

As 20-somethings – one with a history of sexual abuse and deep harm – we had no idea of the difficult adjustments ahead of us. Continue reading “Radical Love”

The Ant Hill Story

It happened at the odd house on Greenthumb Drive. That house had the ugliest fireplace in the middle of the living room with a large pipe that hung from the ceiling, suspended by chains. Continue reading “The Ant Hill Story”

Opening My Eyes

All transformation requires disruption. And it seems to me that no one changes because it’s a good idea. Continue reading “Opening My Eyes”

Ragtag Courage

The word “instigate” means “to bring about, as by incitement or urging; to urge on to some drastic or inadvisable action.” Sounds sinister, doesn’t it? Continue reading “Ragtag Courage”

Grace Is Enough

There is a sense of urgency growing within me with each passing year. It stems from a place deep in my heart that cradles the memories of what was and the reality of what is today. Continue reading “Grace Is Enough”

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