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On Haircuts and Holding On

My hair was falling out. Anytime I washed or ran my fingers through it, numerous strands would float to the floor.  Continue reading “On Haircuts and Holding On”


To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1

The honeysuckles are lush along the roadside as I drive north from the house to the grocery store, the woods on either side reminding me of home—my old home. Continue reading “Ecclesiastes”


With the turn of the last calendar page of 2016, I find myself facing a birthday. Continue reading “47”

A First Christmas Together and Apart

As I decorated for Christmas this year, I cleaned and put up the lights, mason jars of holly and frosted tree branches thinking about the juxtaposition of all the places my heart could choose to land. Continue reading “A First Christmas Together and Apart”

I love you.

I am not always great at asking for care. I think some of that lingers from childhood, growing up in a house where not making a mess or being a mess was considered a strength. Continue reading “I love you.”

Why Risk?

The first time someone realizes that I’m not from this area, curiousity immediately interrupts the conversation. The initial question is always asking about where I am from, Texas. Continue reading “Why Risk?”

On Girls and Small Stories

Four girls gaggle in the back of our van as I eavesdrop. They discuss Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, the status of their braces, and length of their earrings. Continue reading “On Girls and Small Stories”

Shame and Grace Exist for Each Person Involved in Sex Trafficking

Nine mug shots appeared in our local paper’s headline story this week. Continue reading “Shame and Grace Exist for Each Person Involved in Sex Trafficking”

If God and I went to counseling…

“Theology is simply what we think about God and then living that truth out in our right now lives.”
-Sarah Bessey

Continue reading “If God and I went to counseling…”

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