Red Tent Living is a community of women from across the world reading, writing, reflecting and responding to one another daily as we reframe what it means to be feminine. We welcome you to join in the conversation and submit some of your own thoughts! We are looking for fresh and original work. We enjoy artwork, photography, poetry, prose, and personal stories, or any combination of the above. Be creative!

Here are the guidelines for submissions that our editing team will receive for review:

    • Submissions are due to Red Tent Living’s Editing Team ( by the 1st of each month. Please include a photo and short bio (3-4 sentences) with your attachment.
    • Red Tent Living’s target word count for each post is 800 words. We will not consider posting guest submissions in excess of 800 words.
    • Because of what this community represents, we ask that you not re-post a submission on a personal blog. Please do invite friends and your own readers to engage your work on Red Tent Living via twitter, facebook, pinterest or a link on your blog. Likewise, we are happy to direct readers to your personal writings through your writer’s bio at the end of your post.
    • Red Tent Living has a presence in over 150 countries worldwide and we invite writers to be mindful in the pieces that they submit of the many cultures within this community.
    • Based on our staff, there are a limited number of posts published each month and a limited number of spaces for guest contributors. Do not be discouraged if you receive news that a month has been filled.