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Light and Life to All He Brings

Christmastime is my favorite. The music, decorations, ugly sweater parties, cookies and candy canes – all of it ignites child-like excitement within me. Continue reading “Light and Life to All He Brings”

Choosing to Return

Salmon sculptures inlay the floors in swirling eddies of bronze and granite at Sea-Tac Airport. I’ve rushed over these fish many times as I’ve navigated a season of growth and vocational transition in Seattle. This time flying out of Seattle was different. This trip was the last trip.

Like most transitions, my move to Seattle wasn’t clean. Filled with uncertainty in the move, I’d intentionally left loose ends. My wary heart had ensured there was an exit plan. Continue reading “Choosing to Return”

An Invitation to Risk

“Can I come?” These words were a real risk for me as a young girl. Continue reading “An Invitation to Risk”

Why Risk?

The first time someone realizes that I’m not from this area, curiousity immediately interrupts the conversation. The initial question is always asking about where I am from, Texas. Continue reading “Why Risk?”

Make Yourself at Home

There is a place near my home that I am drawn to on days when I am in need of respite. It is a place that feels sacred to me, hidden as it is in a sprawling neighborhood. Continue reading “Make Yourself at Home”

The Open-Door Policy

It’s one of the first things you see when you walk up to my door. Continue reading “The Open-Door Policy”

Sex: A New Conversation

“What are you working on over there?” Continue reading “Sex: A New Conversation”

My Favorite Day

If you were to ask me my favorite day of the week, I would answer “Saturday” without any hesitation. Continue reading “My Favorite Day”


It is late and my house is quiet.  The lights on the Christmas tree give the only glow to the room.  Christmas Eve is only a few hours away. Continue reading “Noel”

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