Red Tent Living is an invitation.  Here, women come to just be and be together.  Amidst all of the impossible, confusing, and shaming ideas of what femininity is in our culture today, we find respite and meaning in gathering together and sharing our lives with one another.  Your femininity is not an essence to be quickly taken in, nor is it contained in the labels of your age, location, season of life, or vocation.  That is why in this venue, we choose to reframe what it is to be a woman.

There is power in regular connecting and honest sharing. Our own gatherings and discussions can become places of rest, becoming, and creativity.  We don’t need to let other people define femininity for us…we can do that together.

At Red Tent Living, we desire to serve as a “table,” gathering women together across distance and time.  Our posts are written with the intention of helping  you to discover and enjoy what makes you feminine and to celebrate and honor what makes you unique.  It is a patchwork quilt of sorts–a sweetly personal, yet interwoven, community.

As you look around, you may begin to notice that the theme of the site changes with each new month.  These themes are written in accordance with the seasons of the year as well as differing seasons of womanhood.  Regular contributors offer their personal stories, recipes, artwork, and musings in light of each month’s theme.  Submissions from guest contributors are also welcomed.

Some Red Tent Women (readers and writers) invest and connect through the Wholehearted section of this site, which offers various opportunities to live more mindfully and intentionally every single day through prayer and volunteering.  See what simple steps you could take to start making more of a difference in your world.

In addition, Red Tent Living includes a tab titled Dinners.  Here you can find all of our curriculum for hosting themed meals that are characterized by rich and flavorful conversation and food.  True to the heart of Red Tent Living, these meals promise to be both playful and sacred, filled with inspiring and surprising stories and memories.

The various facets of Red Tent Living exist so women can bless the exquisite life and longing within themselves while still engaging in their routine reality.  We hope you visit the site both to connect and create. Here, we are reframing femininity, daily.  And you are welcomed.