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Time for Battle

The images contained in the message brought tears to my eyes. The message was titled “Urgent Prayers for Damascus”. Continue reading “Time for Battle”

Sleeplessness and Spaces Too Big for Me


Creativity is living in possibility and abundance rather than limitation and scarcity.

–CJ Lyons

I woke this morning at 4am. I’ve struggled with insomnia for years, so I know this hour well. 4am is no-man’s-land: it’s too late to take a sleep aid, but too early to get up and feel good about it. My thoughts and prayers at this hour are guttural, authentic, and a bit delirious. Continue reading “Sleeplessness and Spaces Too Big for Me”


My life took an abrupt turn on July 8, 2011, when my friend Jim had a seizure and was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain cancer. After surgery, he moved into my home, and I cared for him until he died nine months later. Continue reading “Returning”

How to Know When it’s Time to Write a New Story

We set off in June from the only home our children knew. We left an international concrete jungle and arrived at a Pacific Northwest house we rented off Craigslist, sight unseen, but for the large pine trees and lime-green grass in the photos. Continue reading “How to Know When it’s Time to Write a New Story”

Until Next Christmas

“Well, it will be 364 days until we get to have fun again.” This comment came from my 7 year old son as he and I were relaxing after the chaos of Christmas morning.  My heart ached as I heard him say this.  Memories of my own Christmas morning disappointments surfaced.  Continue reading “Until Next Christmas”

Blank Pages

January can be a tricky month for me. My wedding anniversary is December 31, a new year begins on January 1, and my birthday is January 12. There’s a lot to celebrate in the span of two weeks, yet I often feel sadness at the passing of what has been. It feels like the completion of three different chapters–year 24 of my marriage, 2017, and my 47th year. Like it or not, it’s time to begin writing new ones. Continue reading “Blank Pages”

Surrender to the Now

Lists, don’t we hate lists? I mean I like them. They create order. They allow for a plan to get things done so we aren’t left in a bind later. I love them on one hand but on the other, they bring pressure and frenzy. Continue reading “Surrender to the Now”

Shining A Light Into the New Year

It is the week when at some level the light of Christ’s birth shines brightly in the dark corners we tend to avoid and compels us to look at them before the New Year begins. We consider how we have lived during the past year and what we hope will be different as the new year comes. Continue reading “Shining A Light Into the New Year”

God Loves Losers

Seven years ago, I sat in a church service in California and watched a presentation put on by Celebrate Recovery, a 12-step program that was commemorating their one-year anniversary at our church. Continue reading “God Loves Losers”

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