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The True Dance

“Oh Woman, come before us, before our eyes longing for beauty, and tired of the ugliness of civilization…Dance us the sweetness of life. Give us again the sweetness and the beauty of the true dance.” Isadore Duncan


On the morning of September 15, before the Brave On guests began to arrive, I stood in the main gathering space of Goei Center. Continue reading “The True Dance”

Grace in the Angst

I clicked “SEND” to confirm the reservation. Continue reading “Grace in the Angst”

Bravery with Self

As I was preparing my talk for the Brave On Conference, I was searching for clues as to why March 22, 1990, was the day that changed my life. It was a pivotal day that ended my 25 years struggle of an eating disorder addiction. Continue reading “Bravery with Self”

The Aisle of Apathy

This week was back to school prep-week for my two teenage sons. As an educator, I unashamedly geek-out while helping them get ready for classes. Continue reading “The Aisle of Apathy”

Living Into Grace

Recently a friend invited me to consider, “What would living into a season of grace be like for me?” I felt stymied as I began to wonder, “What if that were even possible?” Continue reading “Living Into Grace”

Join Me

Truth, I had started a post and my husband came in and I said, “Hey listen to what I have so far for my post.” I proceeded to read my first three paragraphs to which he said, “What are you hoping for with this, I mean you’re going to blow it up with that post.” Continue reading “Join Me”

Be Quiet

My favorite place to argue used to be the bathroom. As a teenager filled with angst and a strong sense of the injustice wrought upon me by the world, I found the best place to decompress was under a steamy hot showerhead, verbally spewing all of the things I wished I could say out loud. Continue reading “Be Quiet”

Opening My Eyes

All transformation requires disruption. And it seems to me that no one changes because it’s a good idea. Continue reading “Opening My Eyes”

Ragtag Courage

The word “instigate” means “to bring about, as by incitement or urging; to urge on to some drastic or inadvisable action.” Sounds sinister, doesn’t it? Continue reading “Ragtag Courage”

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