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Intentional Living

Opening My Eyes

All transformation requires disruption. And it seems to me that no one changes because it’s a good idea. Continue reading “Opening My Eyes”

Ragtag Courage

The word “instigate” means “to bring about, as by incitement or urging; to urge on to some drastic or inadvisable action.” Sounds sinister, doesn’t it? Continue reading “Ragtag Courage”

Divine Therapy

“Time does slow down as we stop trying to push the river.” 

Cynthia Bourgeault

The past few weeks have felt very full.  Parties, college orientation, gatherings with family and friends, travel, illnesses, schedules, plans, volunteering, etc.  Continue reading “Divine Therapy”

The End of the Battle

I glanced at the window and saw my reflection.  I was the oldest woman in the room by 25 years.  Continue reading “The End of the Battle”

Knitting Through Grief to Gratitude

Last year, my friend Ted died from esophageal cancer. He was my seventh friend to die in seven years, and I was bereft. Continue reading “Knitting Through Grief to Gratitude”

Endings and Beginnings

“But now there is one more invitation: to let go of the last handhold-the handhold of the self we have created in response to the wounds of our life in an imperfect world-and freefall into what seems like the utter silence of the void.”

-Ruth Haley Barton

I knew these words were for me. Continue reading “Endings and Beginnings”

Confessions of a Teeny-Bopper

An enthusiastic teeny-bopper still dwells in a substantial corner of my heart. She used to tight-roll her jeans, wear scrunchies in her hair, create dance routines to Paula Abdul, and hang New Kids on the Block posters in her bedroom. Continue reading “Confessions of a Teeny-Bopper”

Growing Into A Child


I’m learning to believe that God sets our hearts free to play and experience joy. This is a concept that recently has been knocking on the door of my heart and introducing a new rhythm of being. Continue reading “Growing Into A Child”

Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise

Take a deep breath. It’s okay you don’t know anyone. This is bigger than you and the intimidation you are feeling. Walk in obedience, this is where you are meant to be.
Continue reading “Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise”

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