We Are Women

For the past decade Red Tent Living has been cultivating ordinary spaces where women feel seen, heard and safe. Sharing our tales and our tables together we have built a beautiful space of belonging with one another.

Highlights from our first decade include:

  • Reaching women in over 200 countries with our writing, dinner themes, and other virtual offerings.
  • Publishing over 1900 essays.
  • 1.29 Million Visitors to the Red Tent Living website
  • 3700 Red Tent dinners downloaded.
  • Held 25 events.
  • Raised over $70,000 to help support and care for women experiencing harm around the globe.

As we enter into a new year, and new decade for Red Tent Living we invite you to join us by making a financial gift of gratitude for the goodness and impact we have shared together, and as an investment in what is to come.

We have plans for creating new spaces for both virtual and live gatherings, continuing to offer our online magazine format for women to share their stories in writing, and the growth of more local Red Tent Dinners. There is so much to yet come!! We ask you to help us bring it all to fruition by making a donation today.