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Weathering Lyme

One measly tick changed our lives when it bit my husband and infected our lives.   Continue reading “Weathering Lyme”

Love the Process

The process of grief is anything but linear.  What would be nice is a clear cut path with a beginning and end, but that’s not the way grief works.  It feels more like a tidal wave that comes out of the blue and knocks the wind out of you, or a dull aching pain that pulls like an undercurrent threatening to swallow you whole. Continue reading “Love the Process”

On the Receiving End

I dislike the term “empty nester.” I understand the idea—I just don’t like referring to the space I’ve raised my family as a “nest,” which inherently makes me some kind of “momma bird.” In my mind, tacking a cutesy name on something sacred minimizes the significance. Continue reading “On the Receiving End”

Confessions of a Relational Control Addict

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.

1 John 4:18

When I left for college, I experienced a major friendship shift. The people who had known me during adolescence were replaced with a whole college campus unable to pick me out of a crowd. Intimacy rapidly flipped to isolation and the change was completely disorienting. Continue reading “Confessions of a Relational Control Addict”

The Waiting Room

Sitting in the vinyl recliner in the neo-natal intensive care unit, I pressed the cardiologist on the impact of heart-lung bypass on our daughter’s tiny developing body. Terrified of his answer, I trailed off and tuned into the beeps of the monitor tracking her decreasing oxygen rate. Continue reading “The Waiting Room”

Climbing Down Into the Mess

It’s 4:30 a.m. and I am already awake in the darkness of this rainy winter morning. I’ve tried to sleep later but sleep evades. I have an appointment with a therapist today. I am anxious and fretful, wondering what it will be like. Will we communicate well? Will I feel heard, seen? Continue reading “Climbing Down Into the Mess”

Stitched Together in Love

I remember helping my mom pack up my childhood home. I was twenty-four and pregnant with my first daughter. That feels important to mention, because the bending over to wrap things in paper and place them in the box was killing my back. Continue reading “Stitched Together in Love”

Lessons in Love

Growing up, I loved playing “house.” I’d run around the basement pretending to be cooking, cleaning, and going on dates with my “boyfriend.” Everything in my game of adulthood was easy and lighthearted. There was rarely any conflict or hardship, which might be why his words, spoken fifteen years ago, cut me so deeply. Continue reading “Lessons in Love”

Christmas Courage

Out the window, tiny flakes hang suspended in the air before rushing to the earth with a strong gust of wind. I watch the process repeat over and over again, my heartbeat getting caught up in the swirling rhythm outside. Continue reading “Christmas Courage”

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