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Listening to Love

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I grew up in a family where much was hidden in darkness – it seemed that there was more that I wasn’t allowed to know about or to speak of than what I was. Continue reading “Listening to Love”

Radical Love

As 20-somethings – one with a history of sexual abuse and deep harm – we had no idea of the difficult adjustments ahead of us. Continue reading “Radical Love”

Opening My Eyes

All transformation requires disruption. And it seems to me that no one changes because it’s a good idea. Continue reading “Opening My Eyes”

Grace Is Enough

There is a sense of urgency growing within me with each passing year. It stems from a place deep in my heart that cradles the memories of what was and the reality of what is today. Continue reading “Grace Is Enough”

Room At The Table

At the end of 2016, I was invited to participate in Red Tent Living’s first-ever Brave On conference. Continue reading “Room At The Table”

Smack Dab Between Godzilla and Boobs

My five year old and I sat together at the table in his therapist’s office waiting for our play time to begin. His therapist reminded me that we would play for twenty minutes and during the first five minutes she would mark my performance so that she could review with me any areas needing improvment during the remainder of the time. Continue reading “Smack Dab Between Godzilla and Boobs”

Vacant Lots

I pulled into the almost vacant parking lot of a well-known church in the community. All of the answers that I had faithfully recited to wounded people in the past were no longer satisfying. Continue reading “Vacant Lots”

The Fight

The fight had been ridiculous.  Ten minutes after the explosion I couldn’t recall what it had been about and certainly I can’t remember three decades ago with any precision. Continue reading “The Fight”

First Time

“Hey, Mimi, I read your book.”  I was slightly caught off guard as I began to wonder what prompted my 17-year-old grandson to be reading my book at this time of his life.  My mind swirled a bit as I speculated as to where this casual conversation may take us.  Continue reading “First Time”

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