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Forever unfolding.

“I’ve decided God is about the things that come really easy or really, REALLY hard. Everything else is just me believing if I give the right amount of effort, I’ll get the result I want. Life is a lot of me pretending I have my act together.” Continue reading “Forever unfolding.”

What if I don’t get on the plane?

My body cracked and popped as I gently entered the lime green office in my parents house. A twin mattress and an air mattress lay on the floor one holding my son, the other left open for me. Continue reading “What if I don’t get on the plane?”

From Behind the Wall

It is less than twenty-four hours into my daughter’s visit and things are tense. My stomach churns as I begin to fear our next ten days together. I had high hopes for this visit. Continue reading “From Behind the Wall”

Wild Card

The hard plastic chairs of the Chinese government building were different than the hospital beds I was used to giving birth in. We watched as the other families held their long-awaited children for the first time. Continue reading “Wild Card”


“You have my permission to consider all men as bastards until they individually prove otherwise.”

That sentence shook me awake from my mental flight.  Continue reading “Permission”

Listening to Love

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I grew up in a family where much was hidden in darkness – it seemed that there was more that I wasn’t allowed to know about or to speak of than what I was. Continue reading “Listening to Love”

Radical Love

As 20-somethings – one with a history of sexual abuse and deep harm – we had no idea of the difficult adjustments ahead of us. Continue reading “Radical Love”

The Ant Hill Story

It happened at the odd house on Greenthumb Drive. That house had the ugliest fireplace in the middle of the living room with a large pipe that hung from the ceiling, suspended by chains. Continue reading “The Ant Hill Story”

Opening My Eyes

All transformation requires disruption. And it seems to me that no one changes because it’s a good idea. Continue reading “Opening My Eyes”

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