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When the Red Tent Dinner Hits the Fan

I busily and excitedly prepared for my first Red Tent Dinner. Invitations, RSVPs, and reminder emails were behind us. Continue reading “When the Red Tent Dinner Hits the Fan”

The Art Of Play

Raising children is not for the faint of heart. Experts upon experts have researched the most effective methods and strategies for families and professionals, giving us tools to use when raising children from their most dependent state to their most independent selves. Continue reading “The Art Of Play”

Wandering Through Wishes

Sondheim has me weeping. I can’t stop. His melodies are tender, urgent, gracious, and hopeful. Continue reading “Wandering Through Wishes”

How Great Thou Art

It was almost April and one news station reported that our city had had a mere forty hours of sunlight since October! It had been the darkest five months of my life. Continue reading “How Great Thou Art”

The Miracle of Brokeness

A vintage commercial runs through my mind and I laugh. Miracles can happen. Continue reading “The Miracle of Brokeness”

I Didn’t See This Coming!

I waited outside the door. My foster children would soon finish their visit with their parents. It had been a month since the kids had been removed. Continue reading “I Didn’t See This Coming!”

A Change of Heart

For me, having my cataracts removed and replaced with clear lenses
appears to be a miracle. Continue reading “A Change of Heart”

Miraculous Love

It was during my parents’ annual summer visit that it all became real. Continue reading “Miraculous Love”

The Very Thing that Makes People Vulnerable to Trafficking is the One Thing We All Share

We say there are exceptions. Not everything is black and white. Continue reading “The Very Thing that Makes People Vulnerable to Trafficking is the One Thing We All Share”

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