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My Life on Paper

Curriculum Vitae, or CV, loosely translates into “the course of my life.”  It serves as the equivalent of a resume in the medicine world. It feels like an answer to the question, “Who are you, and why should we hire you?” In this season of change, I am provoked to consider the story of my life.  Continue reading “My Life on Paper”

Weathering Lyme

One measly tick changed our lives when it bit my husband and infected our lives.   Continue reading “Weathering Lyme”

Staying Power

It is intimacy that gives us the grace and strength we need
to push through suffering, pain, and inconvenience. –Heidi Baker Continue reading “Staying Power”

Radical Love

As 20-somethings – one with a history of sexual abuse and deep harm – we had no idea of the difficult adjustments ahead of us. Continue reading “Radical Love”

Cultivating Abundance

I was paying bills a few weeks ago when I felt an uncanny sense of joy overcome me, a feeling I’d not experienced before while completing such a task. Often when I pay bills I get grumpy and disgruntled to be lessening the reserves in our bank account. Continue reading “Cultivating Abundance”

The Fight

The fight had been ridiculous.  Ten minutes after the explosion I couldn’t recall what it had been about and certainly I can’t remember three decades ago with any precision. Continue reading “The Fight”

Bridal Shoes

The swell of emotion took me by surprise. A mix of joy, anticipation, and sorrow was a familiar yet distant memory provoked by the simplest object — shoes. Continue reading “Bridal Shoes”

Big, Little, Often

When I was in fifth grade, my parents separated. My mom picked us up from school one day, she took me to the doctor (I had strep) and then my two sisters, my brother, and myself went to the park. Continue reading “Big, Little, Often”

Wandering Through Wishes

Sondheim has me weeping. I can’t stop. His melodies are tender, urgent, gracious, and hopeful. Continue reading “Wandering Through Wishes”

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