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Finally Free!

Today is Sunday.  My thoughts gravitate towards home.  By the time you read this I will be home if all goes as planned. Continue reading “Finally Free!”

Redeeming Woman

Nearly two years ago, I sat at Recovery Week Two listening to Dan Allender talk about breaking curses that had been spoken over our bodies, and I felt a stirring in my heart. Continue reading “Redeeming Woman”

Don’t Forget Why You Started

My heart is torn.  I am deeply concerned for the state of our country and yet I am finding it difficult to entertain the plethora of divisions and distractions.  Continue reading “Don’t Forget Why You Started”

“No…Thank you!”

I had never heard an explosion like that on an airplane! Continue reading ““No…Thank you!””

Called to Belonging

The ache to belong rests in such a young part of our hearts. It is a tender thing, holding so many other questions like “Can I come?” “Am I welcome?” “Am I ok?” “Am I wanted?” “Do you love me?”. Continue reading “Called to Belonging”

An Unexpected Invitation

I sat at the table on the lawn outside my door, the warm October breeze ruffling the pages of my journal as I filled page after page. Continue reading “An Unexpected Invitation”

This will not end well.

We met in a bar after midnight. Continue reading “This will not end well.”

Can I be healed too?

It was a “let’s see if we like each other” dance that began in 2010. Continue reading “Can I be healed too?”

Love Believes in Second Chances

Thursday morning, I sat in my sunroom with my first cup of good coffee in what felt like a lifetime. Continue reading “Love Believes in Second Chances”

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