Monthly Themes

Life is always shifting and we often find that, either willingly or unwillingly, we are changing right along with it. There is a powerful and mysterious connection between our femininity and how we engage with the changing and fleeting aspects of our lives. Being present means living into whichever season of life we find ourselves in and embracing it in all of its complexity. Sometimes this can feel like a tall order!

Red Tent Living desires to be a place were we, as women, explore the various seasons of life from different perspectives. As such, each month we will explore different themes that correspond to the time of year we are in. Below you will find each month and its selected themes. Submissions focus on what that theme provokes in each writer’s personal life. If you are interested in contributing to Red Tent Living, please read our writing guidelines. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Monthly Themes

August: Balancing Act

September: Lift Your Voice

October: Behind Closed Doors

November: A Second Wind

December: Once and For All

January: The Bigger Picture

February: Alter Ego

March: In The Nick of Time

April: Outside the Lines

May: The Wild Ones

June: Embrace the Detour

July: The Outsider (2022) In the Deep End (2023)