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The Unfiltered World

The morning after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, I went downstairs to find the kitchen table strangely empty. I’d grown used to seeing the Chicago Tribune scattered by section across the table, my parents taking turns picking through each segment. Continue reading “The Unfiltered World”

Resisting the Zombie

October is here and Halloween is fast approaching. Talk about costumes is filling every corner of my world. Last year, both boys picked out ninja costumes on a whim while we were gallivanting through Costco. Continue reading “Resisting the Zombie”

The Indelible Wave

I walked into the tattoo shop, and everybody inside stopped what they were doing to look at me.  The expressions on their faces read, “Um, are you lost, lady?” Continue reading “The Indelible Wave”

The True Dance

“Oh Woman, come before us, before our eyes longing for beauty, and tired of the ugliness of civilization…Dance us the sweetness of life. Give us again the sweetness and the beauty of the true dance.” Isadore Duncan


On the morning of September 15, before the Brave On guests began to arrive, I stood in the main gathering space of Goei Center. Continue reading “The True Dance”

The Price of Life

I looked at the clock as the phone was ringing. It was 5:15 AM and Andrew was calling to let us know that his wife, Elizabeth, had just given birth to our grandson. Continue reading “The Price of Life”

Grace in the Angst

I clicked “SEND” to confirm the reservation. Continue reading “Grace in the Angst”

Bravery with Self

As I was preparing my talk for the Brave On Conference, I was searching for clues as to why March 22, 1990, was the day that changed my life. It was a pivotal day that ended my 25 years struggle of an eating disorder addiction. Continue reading “Bravery with Self”

Staying Power

It is intimacy that gives us the grace and strength we need
to push through suffering, pain, and inconvenience. –Heidi Baker Continue reading “Staying Power”

Curious to Wonder

I wanted to do something fresh for the year 2017. I decided to pick a word to focus on, to live into and frame my life around. I can’t take credit for the idea. I read it somewhere and it intrigued me. Continue reading “Curious to Wonder”

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