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Questions From My Heart

In 1981, I was working full-time in a high school ministry. Our summers were free to request a summer placement in another location. There were choices like summer camps, oversees projects, and staff training in Colorado. But, I couldn’t take my eyes off this world map that hung on the wall of my office. Day after day, I prayed for that huge island on the other side of the world. There’d never been a summer project in Australia. Continue reading “Questions From My Heart”

Let Me Count The Ways

I fell in love in the nineties when passing hand-written notes and wearing charm bracelets made life worth living. Anticipation filled my body as I walked the halls between class, hoping my boyfriend would have a note to hand me. There was always something about the written words that could quiet insecurity in me while I navigated the tumultuous waters of middle school. Continue reading “Let Me Count The Ways”

Yes, God

Lao Tzu said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In this case, it is a journey of 9,356 miles. I am traveling to Australia to participate in a Captivating Retreat, a time for women to come together and experience the heart of God and deep community. Continue reading “Yes, God”

Sunday Morning Homecoming

Florida fall has ushered in a refreshing chill, a welcome reprieve from the dense summer air. As I meander through my neighborhood on Sunday morning, I’m captured by the beauty of a line of queen palms swaying in the breeze. Returning home, my one-year-old’s small body feels warm from a seasonal cold and her eyes are sleepy. Continue reading “Sunday Morning Homecoming”

When I’m Sixty Four

For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7 b (ESV)

A few weeks ago, we stayed with our friends at their lake house in Wisconsin. Everything about our time together was easy and inviting. Continue reading “When I’m Sixty Four”

What Makes a Sheep?

I swayed gently, soaking up the presence of the Holy Spirit. I sang to God, asked questions, declared His goodness and promises, yielded to His heart and word, stretching my soul before Him. Continue reading “What Makes a Sheep?”

The Reformation Table

“Catholic is the same as Christian, right mom?”

I stopped spreading peanut butter on the bread for the girls’ sandwiches and looked up at Libby. “That’s an interesting question, what exactly are you asking?” Continue reading “The Reformation Table”

Belonging is the Beginning

How do you talk about the girl who is the beginning of every story you tell?

The girl whom everyone seemed to experience similarly: intense, passionate, a bit wild, and fiercely loving. At least, that’s the theme that ran through every remembrance shared at her memorial last month. And that’s the girl etched in my memory. Continue reading “Belonging is the Beginning”


It is Thursday. It is afternoon. I am working on my book when my phone beeps the reminder for an outreach to people living in homelessness.  I shut it off and keep working. The volunteer I usually partner with is off tonight. I feel no need to rush. Continue reading “Homeless”

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