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Before time, before my father met my mother, God knew me,
And knew the story to be.
He wrote pages I had not yet seen, ones that would change everything. Continue reading “Chapters”

Stories for Dreaming

I love books. There is something magical about the way a good story engages the imagination, allowing you, if you are willing, to be caught up in a story other than your own. Continue reading “Stories for Dreaming”

Questions Worth Asking

Growing up, my siblings and I had a narrow summertime wardrobe: pajamas and bathing suits. Our days were spent playing in our backyard pool—Marco Polo, DIY whirlpools, and cannonball contests. Continue reading “Questions Worth Asking”

What if I don’t get on the plane?

My body cracked and popped as I gently entered the lime green office in my parents house. A twin mattress and an air mattress lay on the floor one holding my son, the other left open for me. Continue reading “What if I don’t get on the plane?”

Truth in the Tension

Yesterday a thick bank of dark clouds settled over our city. The shadow of a summer storm reached us. Rain fell intermittently, yet the clouds remained. Continue reading “Truth in the Tension”

From Behind the Wall

It is less than twenty-four hours into my daughter’s visit and things are tense. My stomach churns as I begin to fear our next ten days together. I had high hopes for this visit. Continue reading “From Behind the Wall”

The Aisle of Apathy

This week was back to school prep-week for my two teenage sons. As an educator, I unashamedly geek-out while helping them get ready for classes. Continue reading “The Aisle of Apathy”

Living Into Grace

Recently a friend invited me to consider, “What would living into a season of grace be like for me?” I felt stymied as I began to wonder, “What if that were even possible?” Continue reading “Living Into Grace”

When Faith Comes Like Lightning, Then What?

What if your life was about to change? Many of us must long for it. It’s a big theme in kids’ fantasy adventure books. Have you ever wondered if it’s quite as easy as it sounds? Continue reading “When Faith Comes Like Lightning, Then What?”

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