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Tracy Johnson

Do You Love Me?

The water is cool as I quietly wade into it. Crystal clear, I can see the sand and rocks beneath my feet as I move along the shoreline. I listen carefully to the sound of the waves, the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves in the nearby trees. I have dreamed about this day and tenderly hoped for how he would meet me here in the water or on the shore. Continue reading “Do You Love Me?”

Braving On.

I can’t seem to stop taking a mental inventory of my backpack and suitcase, the one somewhere in the belly of this plane, not the one still holding some of the contents from my trip to Grand Rapids for Brave On over the weekend. Continue reading “Braving On.”

Join Me

Truth, I had started a post and my husband came in and I said, “Hey listen to what I have so far for my post.” I proceeded to read my first three paragraphs to which he said, “What are you hoping for with this, I mean you’re going to blow it up with that post.” Continue reading “Join Me”

A Bit More About The Brave On Story

Last year on a chilly summer Michigan morning I was standing in my closet, contemplating which pair of jeans would be most comfortable and facing down the reality that none of them seemed to qualify as a “well-worn, favorite pair of jeans” when my phone rang. Continue reading “A Bit More About The Brave On Story”

Crossing the Bridge

I could barely understand her in between the heaving sobs and the words tumbling out quickly, but I did catch enough to know she was alone and feeling unseen and unwanted. Continue reading “Crossing the Bridge”

I Cannot Raise the Dead

The truth is something you already knew deep in your own bones: Your ship is sinking. The life you lived before is the life you live no longer. Your life feels like a funeral, because there is part of you that is actually dying.”

Jonathan Martin How to Survive a Shipwreck

Joe arrived at my door dressed in khakis and a black polo shirt with the Mayflower logo.  Continue reading “I Cannot Raise the Dead”

A Life Giving Exchange

“Mom, do you think miracles still happen?”  “I do, why?”  “Because I really need one. Continue reading “A Life Giving Exchange”

Showing Fear To The Door

What a month it has been, the intensity of it still lays on my heart and crowds in on the edges of my thoughts.  Continue reading “Showing Fear To The Door”

Hello Innocence

“What does your more innocent side look like?”  I wrote the words down in my journal, took another sip of my coffee and listened as the podcast continued.  Continue reading “Hello Innocence”

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