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Words Matter

On the day I got married, I walked down the aisle with a ring already on my finger. It was 14K gold with an ornate floral pattern ensconcing a big heart. I had spent years waiting for this moment when I would trade my purity ring for a wedding ring. Inside the wedding program the “Purity Ring Ceremony” was noted after the bride’s entrance. I would give my ring to my father, who would then give it to my husband-to-be. It was quick and without fanfare, but I wanted to honor the promise I had made to my father when I turned thirteen. Continue reading “Words Matter”


We were standing in the driveway on the first night of the Pure Heart women’s study. Continue reading “Intercourse”

A Woman with a “Man’s Struggle”

My parents asked me if I had any questions. But, I simply nodded no and told them I understood what was happening. Continue reading “A Woman with a “Man’s Struggle””

Sex: A New Conversation

“What are you working on over there?” Continue reading “Sex: A New Conversation”

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