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Grace Is

In fairy tales, the endings were always my favorite. You just knew that the miracle would happen. True beauty would be seen and love would overcome. Good would prevail. Continue reading “Grace Is”

Big, Little, Often

When I was in fifth grade, my parents separated. My mom picked us up from school one day, she took me to the doctor (I had strep) and then my two sisters, my brother, and myself went to the park. Continue reading “Big, Little, Often”

But You Are Still Good.

I’m in a bible study this semester and one of the assignments was to write a Psalm. We had to think about who God is, who we are, and the things we are thinking about God. Continue reading “But You Are Still Good.”

This will not end well.

We met in a bar after midnight. Continue reading “This will not end well.”

Recommit and go again

Our first year of marriage wasn’t what I’m assuming many newlyweds experience. Continue reading “Recommit and go again”

Mason Jars

For me the first thing that comes to mind when I hear “always” is a marriage vow: God’s blessing on the sanctity of that union, and the concept of forever united as one. Continue reading “Mason Jars”


I’m going through a time of personal growth. Continue reading “Hugs”


It’s been three years now, almost to the day, and I still remember the fear, anxiety, and just plain dread that clouded that day. Continue reading “Breathing”


We were standing in the driveway on the first night of the Pure Heart women’s study. Continue reading “Intercourse”

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