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reframing femininity

Staying Power

It is intimacy that gives us the grace and strength we need
to push through suffering, pain, and inconvenience. –Heidi Baker Continue reading “Staying Power”

Curious to Wonder

I wanted to do something fresh for the year 2017. I decided to pick a word to focus on, to live into and frame my life around. I can’t take credit for the idea. I read it somewhere and it intrigued me. Continue reading “Curious to Wonder”

Braving On.

I can’t seem to stop taking a mental inventory of my backpack and suitcase, the one somewhere in the belly of this plane, not the one still holding some of the contents from my trip to Grand Rapids for Brave On over the weekend. Continue reading “Braving On.”

What if Re-Storying is Real?

Here’s a hard truth I’m grappling with lately: dignity for some necessitates dignity for all. Continue reading “What if Re-Storying is Real?”

The Art of Dwelling on the Past

There’s a stretch of Interstate 26, just south of Asheville, NC, when you can feel the car kick into a higher gear as you start the incline up the mountains. The air smells of moss and mold and the sky drops down to surround you. Continue reading “The Art of Dwelling on the Past”

Forever unfolding.

“I’ve decided God is about the things that come really easy or really, REALLY hard. Everything else is just me believing if I give the right amount of effort, I’ll get the result I want. Life is a lot of me pretending I have my act together.” Continue reading “Forever unfolding.”


Before time, before my father met my mother, God knew me,
And knew the story to be.
He wrote pages I had not yet seen, ones that would change everything. Continue reading “Chapters”

Stories for Dreaming

I love books. There is something magical about the way a good story engages the imagination, allowing you, if you are willing, to be caught up in a story other than your own. Continue reading “Stories for Dreaming”

Questions Worth Asking

Growing up, my siblings and I had a narrow summertime wardrobe: pajamas and bathing suits. Our days were spent playing in our backyard pool—Marco Polo, DIY whirlpools, and cannonball contests. Continue reading “Questions Worth Asking”

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