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Lost and Found

When I was in graduate school I studied the text of Psalm 23, the Shepherd’s Psalm, because I was covering Keith Green’s version of it on a record I was finishing up. Out of this study I discovered that the phrase “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life” was interpreted by some scholars to mean, “Surely goodness and mercy will hunt me down all the days of my life.” Continue reading “Lost and Found”

A Woman’s Perspective

“Ugliness in nature can in art become full of great beauty. In art, only that which has character is beautiful. Character is the essential truth of any natural object.” – Auguste Rodin

I love this place. Hopes, dreams, struggles and sorrows, strewn about the walls telling stories of forever. Continue reading “A Woman’s Perspective”

Welcoming Alice Back

Some of you may know but some of you may not know that I was named after Alice in Wonderland. Continue reading “Welcoming Alice Back”

For Always

Always tuck me in at night
To show me that you care Continue reading “For Always”

You are Always: A poem

There is never a moment where You don’t notice me Continue reading “You are Always: A poem”

Dancing with Dolphins

Living a couple hours drive away from the Atlantic Ocean, I often take day trips to visit the coast. Continue reading “Dancing with Dolphins”

Grime and Glory in the Silence

This is one of my quiet spaces: My green bench. Continue reading “Grime and Glory in the Silence”

A dream born in suffering

“This isn’t what we planned. It doesn’t look like we hoped. We need to make changes in our budget and serious decisions about our finances.” Continue reading “A dream born in suffering”

Journey to Someday

One day six women embarked on a journey to Europe. Each picture and its title represent an aspect of each woman’s courage to dream of “someday” in her own special way. What will your someday hold? Continue reading “Journey to Someday”

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