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We Belong to Each Other

If I told you how much my life changed when I met my friend and survivor Esperance, you might roll your eyes and tell me you’ve heard that story before. The headline? “Sheltered white woman is shocked into reality after meeting a war survivor in Congo.” Continue reading “We Belong to Each Other”

The First Duty of Love

Thinking back now, I don’t know what I expected.

In my mind, mountaintops are noisy places. Wind, weather, rumbling rock, calling birds, not to mention a whole team of women who had just achieved their goal of summiting the tallest freestanding mountain to the world about to shout peace and pray protection for our sisters. Continue reading “The First Duty of Love”

What if Re-Storying is Real?

Here’s a hard truth I’m grappling with lately: dignity for some necessitates dignity for all. Continue reading “What if Re-Storying is Real?”

Welcome to the New Face of Sex Trafficking

We are sipping coffee near the courthouse. I’ve just witnessed a man plead guilty to a felony charge: trafficking a minor. Continue reading “Welcome to the New Face of Sex Trafficking”

The Third Face of a Demand Reduction Strategy

I sit between them, each silently working their laptop, manning conversations, tracking story details. Occasionally, the radio goes off, another cop comes in to grab coffee, the one at the desk collects intel online. Continue reading “The Third Face of a Demand Reduction Strategy”

Who would we be if we were a People of Grace?

If we agree on one thing, perhaps it is that we’re all human?

Since nothing else approaches unifying these days. Perhaps there is that? Continue reading “Who would we be if we were a People of Grace?”

Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise

Take a deep breath. It’s okay you don’t know anyone. This is bigger than you and the intimidation you are feeling. Walk in obedience, this is where you are meant to be.
Continue reading “Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise”

In The Miracle Business

I am in the miracle business.

By which I mean to say, the kind that requires prayer and a whole lot of hope. Continue reading “In The Miracle Business”

An Ordinary Morning

Finished with my morning routine and clutching my phone, coffee, and keys, I ran out the door, rounding the corner of my apartment and carefully stepping through the grass to get to the parking lot. Continue reading “An Ordinary Morning”

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