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Fighting with God is Good Theology

You don’t become a theologian unless you are willing to wrestle with God. Or at least, you don’t become a very good one. Two years into seminary and I see the theologians who serve as my professors aren’t shutting down or containing my doubts; they’re blessing them. Continue reading “Fighting with God is Good Theology”

Life forgotten, or life remembered? You choose

I am a refugee, just two generations removed.

At age 15, my grandfather, Alexis Leon Kolshanov left Wirballen, Lithuania, through Estonia, and boarded a ship for New York. His father insisted he leave for his safety. Something was politically amiss in his homeland, and whispers of “relocation” and “extermination” filled the quiet corners of dark bedrooms late at night. Continue reading “Life forgotten, or life remembered? You choose”

Time for Battle

The images contained in the message brought tears to my eyes. The message was titled “Urgent Prayers for Damascus”. Continue reading “Time for Battle”

A Voice at the Table

“Seven women met and attempted to solicit sexual services to an undercover police officer, and all were arrested on charges alleging misdemeanor solicitation.”

My throat tightens, and I try to swallow.

“It’s our goal to make it harder for these traffickers to operate in Northern Colorado. We want to help victims.”

My heart thumps in my ears. My vision narrows. Continue reading “A Voice at the Table”

A Call To Pray

Red Tent Prayer Warriors

Prayer Focus

A Lament to Bring an End to Abuse of Women

We have just concluded a week in which we heard pieces of stories from the female victims, now survivors, of sexual abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar. (Who received a sentence of 40-175 years in prison.) The stories are disturbing, the length of time, over 25 years, coupled with the evidence of reporting that went unheeded leaves us sickened and stunned. Continue reading “A Call To Pray”

Shining A Light Into the New Year

It is the week when at some level the light of Christ’s birth shines brightly in the dark corners we tend to avoid and compels us to look at them before the New Year begins. We consider how we have lived during the past year and what we hope will be different as the new year comes. Continue reading “Shining A Light Into the New Year”

We Belong to Each Other

If I told you how much my life changed when I met my friend and survivor Esperance, you might roll your eyes and tell me you’ve heard that story before. The headline? “Sheltered white woman is shocked into reality after meeting a war survivor in Congo.” Continue reading “We Belong to Each Other”

The First Duty of Love

Thinking back now, I don’t know what I expected.

In my mind, mountaintops are noisy places. Wind, weather, rumbling rock, calling birds, not to mention a whole team of women who had just achieved their goal of summiting the tallest freestanding mountain to the world about to shout peace and pray protection for our sisters. Continue reading “The First Duty of Love”

What if Re-Storying is Real?

Here’s a hard truth I’m grappling with lately: dignity for some necessitates dignity for all. Continue reading “What if Re-Storying is Real?”

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