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Sunday Morning Scones

As a young girl growing up, it was always clear that there was something different about Sundays. Continue reading “Sunday Morning Scones”

Christmas Baking: A Pathway to Joy

For the first twenty-some years of our marriage, I had no trouble getting in the Christmas spirit when the holidays rolled around. Continue reading “Christmas Baking: A Pathway to Joy”

Savoring Family Dinner

I love how Fall brings with it the return of routine and structure – the structure of daily schedules, school, ministry, and even many household tasks that honestly get lost in my need for the “lazy” days of summer. Continue reading “Savoring Family Dinner”

A Go With the Flow Day

It is peach season in Texas. Last year there were no peaches due to a draught. Continue reading “A Go With the Flow Day”

The first meal.

The day was Tuesday. I remember it well. Continue reading “The first meal.”

Simple Green Smoothie

*I am accident prone, in the best sense of the word. Continue reading “Simple Green Smoothie”

The Market

A few years ago I decided to try out the farmers market in Kalamazoo. Continue reading “The Market”

When was the Last Time… You Did Something for the First Time?

The end of the school year is upon us and life has been full of ceremonies, band performances, dances, and other celebrations. Continue reading “When was the Last Time… You Did Something for the First Time?”

The Secret Treasure of Green Sauce

ellen3“Mom, you should sell this stuff.” Continue reading “The Secret Treasure of Green Sauce”

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