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Drawing a Blank

by Linda Pastan

I place one word slowly
in front of the other,
like learning to walk again
after an illness. Continue reading “Drawing a Blank”


In space, alone, I know You.
In the openness of thought, I find You.
Beginnings of meaning arise and float,
Continue reading “Spaces”


Before time, before my father met my mother, God knew me,
And knew the story to be.
He wrote pages I had not yet seen, ones that would change everything. Continue reading “Chapters”

Why I Read the Acknowledgements

As summer nears, my anticipation grows. These are the months I nurse my addiction to books, indulging my list and pairing sun and hammocks with words. Continue reading “Why I Read the Acknowledgements”

But You Are Still Good.

I’m in a bible study this semester and one of the assignments was to write a Psalm. We had to think about who God is, who we are, and the things we are thinking about God. Continue reading “But You Are Still Good.”

Touching Eternity

I sit on my yoga mat in the dim studio. The morning sun sends shafts of light spilling across the hardwood floor, and one by one, people drift in and unroll their mats around me. Soft music plays in the otherwise quiet room. Continue reading “Touching Eternity”

Rejection Slips

“You do not write the best you can for the sake of art, but for the sake of returning your talent increased to the invisible God, to use or not use as He sees fit.” –Flannery O’Connor

I remember sitting in the post office parking lot that day, the heat of mid May filling my car as I weighed the stuffed manilla envelopes in my palm. Continue reading “Rejection Slips”

Five O’Clock Friends

A few months ago my piano teacher asked me to pick out a song in the key of B flat major. Continue reading “Five O’Clock Friends”

Ride Along

When I first read the question, “Can I Come?” the next phrase that carried into my thoughts was, “And Will I Bring Myself Fully?” Continue reading “Ride Along”

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