Sheltered in Place

I am numb, mindlessly scrolling.
Familiar businesses post new guidelines for safety.
The words “contactless” and “social distancing” impact me.
I am surprised by an ache and try to make space for her.
Tears begin to form.
I feel sadness.
The weight of the unknown is heavy.
How will we return?
When will friends and family no longer be seen as a threat to one another? I feel the loss.
Absences of hugs, high fives, and “cheers”.
My body desires to feel safe again in the presence of my community.
I am no longer numb.
The ache has shifted me to the present.
It is painful, but it is also is relief.
The intersection of grief and hope.


Heather Medley is a woman who is learning to be present and kind to herself and to the people she loves. She is drawn to engage her world with hope of restoration and redemption and gets to do this professionally as a therapist. She loves deep conversations over hot beverages, neuroscience research papers, and bargain shopping. Heather, her anchoring husband, and two delightful kiddos reside in the Northwest Georgia Mountains