In Her Image

In Her Image
I am a dissident daughter
No one taught me, God is my Great Mother
War alive in my mind
Starvation in my desecrated heart
Doubt harmonizes with fear
Life is mere pageantry
Corrupted by moths and rust
Malevolent apparitions swarming the porch light of my soul 

I am a wildfire of tempestuous flames
I cry hurricanes into existence
I am a bird beating my wings on the iron cage of Diablo
Set free when I remember who I am
Choking weeds plucked from the garden of my heart
Mystical wildflowers planted by the hand of Yahweh

I am a heartbeat of Shekinah
Immutable goodness is my birthright
I traded what was rightfully mine for a bowl full of lies
Tied a millstone around my neck, flung myself into the sea of forgetting
Now alive in the belly of Ruah, a grotto of grace
Divine lullabies She sings to comfort me
Like the tide, I rise from darkness
Returning to wonderment

I am a sacred wound that heals
Baptized in destiny
Entwined in cords of death and life
Courted by the devil of false fate
Wandering in the wilderness when the Promised Land is my home

I am the serpent and the dove
Emerging from the shadows, illuminating delight
Mindful of God, Her womb my first home
Her bosom, my dwelling place
Infinite ascension, closing the separation
Gossiping with the stars, dancing with the moon
Communing with She who Is

Holly is a rainbow in a world of neutrals. A lover of tacos, rainbows and massive amounts of coffee. Holly digs naps and cuddling with her people which include her hunky hubby and six awesome children. Mourning with those who mourn and rejoicing with those who rejoice is one of Holly’s greatest passions. As a fierce lover of nature, she uses her work as a Forest Therapy guide to aid in her own healing journey as well as offering the healing power of creation to others in her community.