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Russian Sage

It’s been 2 weeks since we moved the first rock, and it’s still an unfinished project.

Continue reading “Russian Sage”

Tulips and Rest

As I was preparing to write for this month, I left the window open on my computer with the May writing themes the only words on the page. Continue reading “Tulips and Rest”

Her Hands

Her hands, tan from the sun, were wrinkled and rough, nails cut short and not a hint of polish. Continue reading “Her Hands”

Changing from One State or Condition to Another

I’m sitting here over my morning tea watching transition across my yard.  Continue reading “Changing from One State or Condition to Another”

Gardening Lessons

When we drove up the driveway to our new home in 1998 the grass was above our knees when we walked across it to meet our new neighbors. Continue reading “Gardening Lessons”

Tilling the Soil

It’s really early in the morning. Most of the world around me is deep in sleep. Continue reading “Tilling the Soil”

A Promise in Green

There is such breathtaking promise in a green chrysalis.

Continue reading “A Promise in Green”

A Morning Reflection

“Meet me in morning stillness, while the earth is fresh with the dew of My Presence.”

by Sarah Young Continue reading “A Morning Reflection”

Summer in My Own Backyard

Growing up, I was not fond of summer. Continue reading “Summer in My Own Backyard”

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