imperfectly perfect

Every Body – Any Body
All are welcome – HERE!

In this moment, there is peace. You are free to lay your burden down.

What is the name of the weight you carry so patiently on those strong and weary shoulders? What are the accusations, those judgments, shouting and whispering to you?

Thank you, body of mine, for holding so much weight. I see you there, through eyes of compassion. The emotional load you carry is enormous. From the outside looking in, others don’t see or understand your burden. They just see what’s on the outside. A small frame goes with the judgment that you are healthy and trouble-free. You are healthy, yet you are not!

You restrict in so many ways—not because you want to look a certain way, but because you want to measure up. You want to be worthy of love. You want to care well for others and secretly hope that you, too, will be filled and satiated. You look to people to give you what only God can.

Your body is sacred and scared. It holds a terror that blocks hunger cues. You don’t feel safe. You need help.

Deep inside there is a little Bean—wild and free, strong and brave. Her voice bellows, and her naked and unashamed body runs around the house.

See me
Delight in me
Touch me
Play with me

You are present
You are loved

It doesn’t feel safe to be so wild and free

 Hands grab
Eyes consume
Perversion presses

Cover up!

“Don’t be like THAT!”

Shrink and hide

Play small
Hunger for nothing
Need no one


Detach from body
Drift away
Go to sleep

The name of the game

What is your deeper hunger?

To be free to be me. To trust the goodness within and surrounding me. To express the pain, terror, joy, love—all of it—freely and unapologetically.

I am hungry for wholeness, wellness, integration, freedom.

My heart longs to rest and release the embodied terror, hypervigilant energy, PRESSURE.

I am hungry for healing—true, complete, integrated healing. For myself, my family, my community, the whole world—all the way to heaven.

My deep hunger is UNION.
Unending communion with God.

He comforts me
Provides all
Cares for
Sees with delight and honor
Bread of Life

Rest here now
Embody Joy

Communicate Love
See and Serve
Feel and Express
Need and Receive

 Free from shame and the need to apologize
No pressure to repay

Dear God,

I am tired
I need help
I trust you
I pray

Please have Mercy
Help me to embody you
More resurrection JOY

I receive you humbly and gratefully

“This is my body, broken for you.” – Jesus

Your body was broken
Imperfect and perfectly whole

Whatever the size, shape, color, or class…
No matter the intellect, speed, humor, or creative gifts…
We are ALL—every one of us
Perfect and whole
As is

We are created in the image of a perfect God
Living in an imperfect world

My body feels perfect when it is telling the truth.
My mind feels perfect when it is trusting in the stillness.
My heart feels perfect when it is open, shining light, and receiving connection, comfort, care, presence and grace.

I feel imperfect in my body, not because of the shape or size, but because of my need for care.
I judge my mental health and join evil in believing the accusations that I am broken and, somehow, worth less.

It is through the imperfect places that God’s perfect light shines through.

Today I am thankful for this body that is strong and able to move with passion and ease.

It is enough
I am enough
I am worthy of honor and care

Today I am thankful for this heart that is tender and breaking open
It is enough
I am not too much
My needs are good
I am worthy of comfort and care.

Today I am thankful for my brilliant mind.
I repent of the ways I learned to survive by remaining silenced, and the way I would dismiss myself and disassociate from the truth and from the deeply-inspired wisdom my mind holds.

Today I stand firm in the truth
my wisdom is enough.
My thoughts are easily accessible
connected to a good God,
always leading
on the path of love.

Thank you, body of mine, for holding so well
the gospel that gracefully holds together
both death and resurrection,
broken and whole,
imperfectly perfect.

You are loved, as is.
I hold you with honor and delight,
abundant blessings and gratitude
Both to you and for you.

You are good,
You are loved
and lovable.
You are mine.
I choose you.
I fight and stand up for and with you.


Jean Masukevich is a trauma sensitive yoga teacher and integrative coach with over 20 years of teaching experience. Her mission is to guide others to greater mind, body, Spirit integration and connection to their authentic self. She cultivates communities of care where individuals and groups heal and share their hearts and stories through movement, writing, meditation, integrative prayer, creativity, and the sacred art of listening. Jean holds an advanced certificate in grief and trauma from the Allender Center of the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and is a certified Spiritual Director through Sustainable Faith. Jean serves both children and adults and is available for in person and remote coaching. Contact her at