Release grandeur

Embrace the unnoticed

Release hurry

Embrace now

Release certainty

Embrace possibility

Release history

Embrace mystery

Release not enough

Embrace emerging

Release quiet

Embrace a place at the table

Release competing

Embrace collaboration

Release rejection

Embrace welcoming

imageGinger Irvine’s journey into story started in high school in 1962. While she knew that the notebooks she filled with her writing made her feel better, she did not know about “narrative therapy” until 2014. Since then, she has pursued training at The Allender Center, completing the Level 1 and 2 certificate programs in Narrative Focused Trauma Care. Ginger creates space for people, usually women, who want to learn their story. God brings them first to her Red Tent dinners, and then she moves with them into books, workshops, and online courses offered by The Allender Center. Married for 48 years, Ginger is the mother to two sons and grandmother to two grandchildren.