Bethany’s Thanksgiving Playlist 2022

November is here, and we have upon us another year, another holiday season. Coming into this season, my heart is tender and yet free and filled with love. Much has changed from the first year I created a list, yet there is a comforting familiarity to the remembering that this holiday provokes within me. 

Remember. Remember your moments. Remember your feelings. Remember the stories that framed this year. Remember one another. Remember you. 

For ten years now, I have created a playlist for Thanksgiving for Red Tent Living. Throughout the year, I gather songs that speak to my heart and share them on this list. Music has a way of putting words to my feelings especially when words are hard to express. Each year the songs invite me to find gratitude in the small, seemingly insignificant moments and the life-altering ones.

Gratitude has the ability to breed joy—joy regardless of the circumstances. 

Thanksgiving can always be found. Always.

Enjoy this playlist of mine, and allow yourself to create one of your own that reflects your unique heart and story this Thanksgiving.

Bethany’s Thanksgiving Playlist 2022

Bethany Cabell, a lover of simplicity, is often inspired to write by her everyday relationships. A highly distracted procrastinator mixed with a tender-hearted feeler, she can be a little bit unpredictable on any given day. Bethany calls Texas home where she navigates the messy and beautiful path of parenting two boys with unique challenges. She loves to enjoy life in authentic spaces alongside those she holds dear.