Ode to Vashti

Thank you
For the way
You sacrificed
Your crown

To allow
Your God-given
To be

By the
King’s demand
For an appearance
To flaunt

Saying No
Found yourself
The palace walls

Without power
But empowered
You were
Ushered off
The stage

Paving the way
For a simple Jew
To find herself
In your space

Wearing your crown
Not by her choice
But ultimately
Like you
Discovering her voice

Saying No
To oppression while
Petitioning God’s rescue
For her people

Your strong voice
Served as her
Her inspiration

But also
Her warning
Of the consequences
When a woman steps
Out of her place

I perish
I perish

Thank you
For wearing
The crown

It wasn’t yours
To wear
And in so doing
Forever carrying
The Crown of Courage

For the coronation
Of all women
Who discover
Their voice
For good

Gathering sisters
To your royal banquet
Singing together
For every soul
To Be Free

Since her family returned to the US six years ago, after 20 years of ministry in China, Jodie Pine has transitioned to a role of shepherding global women as they re-enter their passport countries. She has also pursued writing, speaking, soul care, and social justice. Her youngest son’s cancer journey last year created unexpected ways of connecting with Jesus’ suffering, marveling at the hope of His resurrection, and growing deeper in gratitude for the love and support of His Body here on earth.