Long Way Home

T’is a mother in my life who feels all alone
waiting for something completely unknown
waiting for an unknowing that cannot be named
waiting again

The child in this mother ponders alone
searching for Mother
the only one known
the known who is completely unknown
by the child who was unseen
left alone

When the child of the mother of the Mother comes home
comes a chance to unfold stories untold
comes places to lend trust
grieve what was known
hold one another
find our long way home

To the mothers and children who wander and roam
may you risk the wild ride of sliding into known
finding the love that was birthed in the womb
find your way back to the heart that is home

MWJn2014Melanye’s tent, which she shares with her husband Steve, is pitched in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her table is both beautiful and spacious, creatively adorned to mark the seasons and invite rich conversation with friends. No stranger to personal heartache and loss, Melanye is uniquely gifted to bear witness and hold hope for those in her sphere of influence. A lover of Haiku, she offers this gift of invitation:

safe space to become
known with grace and our stories
under the Red Tent