The Christmas House

Money was tight. I mean tight. There wasn’t any extra, not a lick. We had stepped out in faith to build the house. THE house. This was the house we would stay in forever. This was the house our children would move out of and our grandchildren would run into. We had been working and toiling for a year. Christmas was the target. Husband had promised that we would be in before Christmas. The funds were tight, but not just because of the house. We also had a rental property that had drained us. We had pushed and prayed, and still it hadn’t sold. Until now.

It was about a month before Christmas and a buyer was interested. We didn’t speak a word to anyone. We just continued working on the house, and we prayed. I was stressed, and he was stressed. We prayed and prayed some more. A few days before Christmas, we got the call that this sale was going to happen, and they wanted to set closing for Christmas Eve. We were still scrambling to finish things in the house. Husband was still promising we would be in before Christmas. The realtor said this was really happening.

They officially set a closing time for Christmas Eve. Husband made the appointment as early as possible so we could make it to our family’s traditional Christmas Eve gathering at my parent’s house. Everyone would be there, and we couldn’t miss it. Meanwhile, we pushed to finish the floors and the last few touches. We planned to move in on Christmas Eve after the family get together.

As Christmas Eve dawned, we held our breath. The day had come, and it had the opportunity to be miraculous.

The children and I moved the Charlie Brown Tree, the stockings, and the wreaths into the new house. Mattresses were brought in along with pillows and blankets. We might not be “moved in,” but we would be in the house before Christmas. We would sleep in this house tonight. Husband left for the closing, and we packed our gifts and food and headed to Family Christmas.

Family Christmas is a precious time with family members that aren’t together that often, and this day was no exception. A football game was going on in the front yard, and some children were working on a craft in the living room. “Where is your husband?” several asked. “He had some business that had to be tended to this morning, but he’s coming,” was my reply. Now lunch is traditionally served at 11:30 and isn’t held for anyone. My mother is serious about her schedule. As lunchtime approached, he called. He was on his way.

Lunchtime arrived, prayers were said, and family was seated for lunch. Then the door opened, and Husband walked in. He was smiling from ear to ear, and he said he had news. He told everyone that we didn’t want to say anything before, but we could now. The rental property had sold. He had just left the closing, and we had a check. We were out of debt! I was in tears, and others were too.

It was a Christmas miracle, and the feeling in the air was palpable. The day continued with the unwrapping of gifts, the reading of the Christmas story, and the singing of carols. Then it was time to head home. Home. We were headed to spend the night in our new home. It was special, and it was new. We piled into the living room on our king mattress in front of the tree and the fireplace, making plans for new memories and traditions. We slept in our new home that night amidst the excitement and wonder.

Christmas morning dawned bright and crisp with the feel of newness and anticipation. Gifts were unwrapped, and plans were made for placing the new belongings. Breakfast needed to be cooked and more family visits remained, but first, we needed to take a moment to celebrate and reflect. Husband brought out the crackers and grape juice, and I had the cups. Seated on our mattress in the living room, we took communion. We thanked Him for His blood and our lives, and we thanked him for His blood that gave us life. We thanked Him for our home and our debt that had been paid. Debts paid, both physical and spiritual, were pondered and celebrated. We thanked Him for this lifegiving Christmas Day.

Heather Ellison is a full-time mother, homeschool teacher and wife who also works remotely, full-time as an Application Analyst for a major health system.  Heather and her family live on a farm in south Mississippi where they raise cows, chickens, bees and any other animal that may be a “deal” at the time. As a family, they put Jesus first and hard work forces its way into second.  But they love each other and make every effort to have fun along the way.  Heather enjoys writing about life and the experiences on the farm and how they reflect the Father and the Christian life.  You can follow her at .