The Place

Find inside of you a maze
As strong as it can be
It’s quite a strange mysterious Place
For it’s a part of thee.

When painting a space for rest
And finding your beginning tree
First weave out of splintered leaves a nest
For your sacred Place to be.

Just take a breath and blow it out
Into the clearest jar;
Hang it above the broken spout
To become your dearest star.

Now when you are torn and bleeding
Run out into the Night
And you’ll find the Star is leading
To your Place inside the Light.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that there is such a thing as peace, especially in a culture where everything is designed to distract.

In the constant whirl of color and noise that is life, it is easy to be swept up and lost in the tide.

Twice I have been completely lost in that tide. I still walk around and do my daily life, but I am not really there. I am not really anywhere. Tears refuse to come to my eyes; laughter seems hollow and insincere; something terrible happens and I turn my head the other way, unable to take it in.

This terrible combination of static and lethargy is hard to shove away and break free of. This is when it seems impossible, in the midst of detached chaos, that something as simple and beautiful as peace exists. It seems a far away as the stars.

Both of these times, the only reason I pulled free was because of my Place. The Place where tears can run freely and comfortingly down my cheeks. It is where my laughter can ring clearly among the bird calls and my voice may speak all the things I yearn to say. The Place is in my mind and in my heart, somewhere to rest my tired soul. It is my anchor in the vast ocean of the world. Sometimes I will see the Place in the smile of a friend or the eyes of a young child, and my heart will smile.

The Place is where I am free to be exactly who I am.

Hannah Wilder is a 14 year old eighth grade student in Oregon. She recently moved with her parents and two brothers from Phoenix, Az. She has a passion for justice and also enjoys art, reading, and writing.  Her mom, Joanna Wilder, has been following and writing for Red Tent Living the past couple of years and attended the Brave On gathering in September. After hearing how her mom has explored her story and found more of her voice through Red Tent Living Hannah decided that she would like to write for Red Tent as well and start to find her place in all of this.