My Place

Wherever I am
That is my place
I belong and bring goodness and life to the space

I don’t have to ask
For permission to be
I can step up and show up with all that is me

To exit or enter
Each is my choice
I also determine the use of my voice

I don’t have to do
All the things everywhere
Or give away pieces I choose not to share

So when I show up
And if I do not
I will gladly step in or relinquish my spot

I’m learning to own
The decisions I make
Both passive and active with all that’s at stake

Please don’t try to tell me
Just who I should be
Don’t try to bind up what is finally free

It’s mine to keep reaching
It’s what I must do
To enter a place that is honest and true

Julie McClay lives in Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley with her high school sweetheart and four of their eight children. She is a lover of stories and words. Having completed Training Certificates 1 and 2 through the Allender Center, she continues learning to face the past honestly while living in the moment and looking towards the future. She finds story work healing and hopeful and seeks to offer this invitation of healing and hope to others. She digs through her thoughts and feelings here.