Music and My Heart

I am a person who has a deep love for music. Music has given my soul a voice through both very difficult and beautiful times in my life. So when I think of the topic of “SEX” both lyrics and scenes from my troubled teen years go through my head. The music industry has embraced sex… “I’m sexy and I know it;” “I’m too sexy for my shirt;” “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy, come on honey let me know.” This list could go on and on.

The sexual revolution of the 60’s was changing the Ohio landscape of my youth. When I was a teenager, sex was glorified by rock groups that I listened to in the 70’s – “I just want to make love to you” and “I feel like making love” and don’t forget “Wham, bam, thank you mam”. We eagerly listened to the music and sang the lyrics. If there is power in the spoken word, we had no idea what we were setting ourselves up for. It was a confusing time to be a teen.

Music made my young heart feel like being desirable demanded much more than I wanted to give, but it was a requirement. My church had condemned to hell any sexual behavior outside of marriage.

What do you believe and what voices are you going to listen to? I just want to make love to you or you will go to hell for that?

Making love sounds so much more welcoming than condemnation to me. I listened to the voices that did not sound like nails on a chalkboard to my brain. I was allured and seduced by the “making love” sweetness. I thumbed my nose at the institution and said so what – this is my generation baby!
Looking back on the tumultuous time of my youth makes my head spin. My extremely violent family life led to much harm when I was looking for love and acceptance. I am so thankful that God saved my wounded self that was desperate to fit in and be loved at all cost. What song would I sing to that teenage girl now? Some lyrics from a Casting Crowns song – Slow Fade:

“Be careful little ears what you hear, when flattery leads to compromise the end is always near. Be careful little lips what you say, for empty words and promises lead broken hearts astray. It’s a slow fade, when you give yourself away. It’s a slow fade, when black and white turn to gray. And thoughts invade, choices made, a price will be paid when you give yourself away. People never crumble in a day. It’s a slow fade.”

Gayle Manske Gayle Manske lives in Racine, WI with her husband of 25 years and twin 15 year old boys and a goldendoodle. Gayle finds life worth living from her relationship with the Prince of Peace. Since her journey began with Jesus, he continues to open her eyes to true abundant life.