It only gets better.

I am 61, remarried at 53, and a huge part of our relationship has to do with sex. I often tease my husband, saying after being alone for nearly 20 years, I am making up for lost time. I like sex, so does my husband. At our ages, there are some issues, but nothing that prevents us from this most cherished part of our marriage.

There is something mysterious that happens when we become one with our spouse, over and over again.

Not to say that every time is rapturous and angels sing, but there is a trust and love every time.

I must say that at our ages, there is more fun. Life isn’t so serious with raising kids and the like, no fear of pregnancy, spontaneity returns and there is a joy in our intimacy that I don’t know is there when you have the pressures of younger adult life.

What a miraculous thing the very act is. How God made us precisely to fit together and become one. For pleasure and purpose in the beginning, graciously ends up just for pleasure.

In viewing the world through older eyes, how grieved He must be at the casual way it happens so often now, and outside of marriage. Lives almost ruined because of something He created to be beautiful. When we take anything the Creator has made and try to use it outside of His design, destruction occurs. People treating sex, the most intimate physical act there is, like it’s nothing, common, only brings heartache.

So at my age, parts of it are the best ever. As I said, there are some physical challenges due to aging, but the joy, pleasure and fulfillment within marriage are not diminished, only hitting their stride. God is so good.

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Leslie McCarthy has recently moved to Vancouver, WA and loves it. She is enjoying being farther north with the rain, geese and greenery. She is married to Renaissance Man, gifted to her from the Lord in a very special way, and that’s another story…