Bethany’s Thanksgiving Playlist 2020

Fire dances across turquoise rocks while two young boys stare at orange flames. Tranquil breeze changes the direction of the fire and I watch as their curiosity turns from the fire to one another and they begin laughing while quoting lines. For a moment, gratitude fills my heart and I divert my eyes from their banter back to the flame. The sun is setting on another 2020 day and I exhale. 

As transient as the changing flame, the temperature between my boys shifts and I brace myself for what follows. An explosion. A slammed door. A guttural moan. Gratitude escapes but my heart still remembers the one moment.   

For eight years I have created a playlist for Thanksgiving for Red Tent Living. Throughout the year, I gather songs that speak to my heart and share them. Music always has a way of putting words to my feelings especially when those words are hard to express. For me, the songs this year feel a little more unconventional but have been a gentle reminder to find gratitude in the ordinary. 

Gratitude has the ability to breed joy. Joy in the midst of our challenges. Gratitude, to give thanks.

Thanksgiving can always be found. Always. 

I invite you to enjoy this playlist of mine and hope that you will allow yourself to sit and feel, to create your own list of gratitude that reflects your unique heart and story this Thanksgiving. 

Bethany’s Thanksgiving Playlist 2020

Bethany Cabell, a lover of simplicity, is often inspired to write by the relationships she holds as a wife, mom, and a physical therapist. Bethany, her husband and their boys returned to life in Texas after wandering off to the Midwest for a season. What she once pictured her life to look like has forever been changed by her two sons. Navigating this messy and beautiful path of parenting two children each with their own unique challenges, she finds grace and beauty in the gift of each moment.