Desperation is a sliding tear
A world abounding with hounds and fear
It is a question that scalds your soul
Temptation that comes too high a toll
It is a child beating fists on a floor
A sinking room with a bolted door
It is a sculpture amid scattered shards
A broken body on iron bars
When you fall, it’s a grasp at severed ropes
When you rise, it’s “what if”s and silent hopes
It is drowning in shadow and ice
It is clutching at sand and crying:
“Hold tight!”

Hannah WilderHannah Wilder is a high schooler in Oregon who loves to learn and is passionate about social justice, the arts, and culture. When she left the sun in Arizona and came to the green in Oregon, she realized that her voice can be just as powerful as anyone in the world, regardless of her age. Hannah hopes that by listening to and supporting the lives of each person, she can create positive change. Hannah’s dream is to spread hope however and as far as she can.