It’s You I Like


I am a person
Just a person

Ah, peace
It feels true

Of working hard at
what made me ME
People seemed to like a sweet me
The image stuck

Forgive me for how I have perpetuated it
No one is good except God alone

“You are such a nice person”
Now I am worth something

I feel noticed
Who wants to hang around
an unrelatable
one dimensional person?
who looks too good (from afar)

I renounce all of my sweetness
and it’s bitter side effects
I would rather have other persons
I would rather let go of trying to be
And just BE

I am a ___________person
Endlessly shifting adjectives of
human flesh and blood complexity
And beauty

Jaime Roop is a freshly turned 40-year-old navigating a mid-life journey towards coming out of her shell.  She is a hearing 4’11’’ Highly Sensitive Person happily mismatched to her deaf 6’2” computer genius husband.  They are raising three blonde blue eyed school age girls in small town Alabama. She earned her MA in counseling and still loves to delve into all matters of heart and heartache, however currently she loves doing her dream job as an American Sign Language interpreter.