Small Victories

There are several boundaries and battle grounds that my mind does not cooperate with on command as it once did!!  Information “plays hide and seek” in my brain, and is not controlled solely by my will – the result of a stroke in my brain. Some “pieces” are just gone, some occasionally re-appear, some are definitely “missing in action”. l am very blessed to have what I have!!!  I can walk, drive, exercise, enjoy movies, music, eating, etc. – all very enjoyable and helpful.  I have what I call “creative speaking” that frequently arrives and creates interesting utterances!  Most make sense – but not all do!  My thoughts are clear in my head, but not always controlled in my speech or writing.

It is fascinating to me the way my brain works these days!

I am unable to lead or teach the Bible class I had for many years – I miss it more than words can say.  But I do participate in great discussions in classes, and the women are so dear and gracious with me. Grace upon grace.

Had I never had the stroke I never would have known or learned  many valuable things!!  

We are truly “fearfully and wonderfully made” – and my heart and soul knows this so well- and continues to grow in this truth.

For many years my husband was a very committed cyclist with an amazing bike!!  He did races and “century rides”, he loved his cycling.  He was in great shape! About three years ago he took a very serious fall on his bike; broken hip, broken shoulder, broken helmet, and all the scrapes & bruising that accompanies an event like that.  It was painful physically and emotionally.  After months of healing, and some bike repairs, he worked hard to recapture the dream – he was 76!!  I had never joined him in his “cycling life” – I was not “strung like him” competitively or physically.  I was the cheering squad!!!  Then this past May we were introduced to – “Adult Three Wheel Bikes”!!  We went to the local bike shop here in the Phoenix, and found the perfect solution for us and a new adventure in cycling started for us both!!  After considering the facts, pros (there really were’t any cons), we committed to the “new beginning” and longtime heart desire.

John started cycling in the dread Arizona summer heat, and I joined him in October!!  We have been “working out” for over two years at a P.T. facility, to keep ourselves “with it”!!  My first official outing on my bike was 2 days ago, and I was able to complete his route and keep up with him!!  He said afterwards he could hardly keep up with me when he asked me to lead.  He was “blown away and very surprised!”  We both love that we can do it together with great joy!!  We cycle through golf courses, housing developments, canals, all beautiful.  We are hooked!!!

What a gracious gift from God to grant these desires and delights in our senior years!!!  Don’t know how long it will last, but as long as it lasts – count us in!!  Heart desires still celebrated and honored!!!  Time with the love of my life – priceless!!   Thank You Lord!!


Pat Sloan was born and raised in Arizona where she still lives today with her husband of 56 years, John. Together they were on staff with The Navigators for 30 years. She is a bible teacher, mentor, disciple maker, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. In 2016 she survived a stroke and now holds even more deeply that every minute is a gift. She loves caramel lattes, finding the perfect gift for those she loves, and spending time with her husband, family and dear friends.