He Calls Her Ahava 

You call her a dirty slut
You whisper “cheap whore” as she walks by
Words echo in the long hallway of a high school
Words echo in the tender spirit of a 16 year old girl
You pick up stones and hurl them at her heart
Sanctimony on your lips and lust in your eyes
The very same lips that kissed hers
The very same hands that undressed her
Unchaste, loose, impure
Lecherous, depraved, dirty
You soiled her body, now you are after her soul
Have you for one moment considered why she allowed you to enter her sacred place
She was used, discarded and abandoned long before you walked into her life
She already believed the lies you now speak out loud for all to hear
She has hurled the very same insults at herself as tears streamed down her cheeks
You have created wounds so deep that years later they are bleeding again
You took what you wanted then discarded her
Ransomed, rescued, redeemed
Pure, secure, unassailable
The price He paid to restore her was costly
He calls her unblemished child
Her wounds are being mended by the gentle touch of her kind Father
He loves her with an everlasting love
He sees her from the inside out
He delights in her
His sunlight leads her on
His compassion sets her free
His tenderness cradles her
He came to wash the shame off her
He came to make her whole
He came to invite her to rise and walk
For He is Love and He calls her Ahava

Holly is a rainbow in a world of neutrals. A lover of tacos, rainbows and massive amounts of coffee. Holly digs naps and cuddling with her people which include her hunky hubby and six awesome children. Mourning with those who mourn and rejoicing with those who rejoice is one of Holly’s greatest passions. As a fierce lover of nature, she uses her work as a Forest Therapy guide to aid in her own healing journey as well as offering the healing power of creation to others in her community.