Red Book Jackets

She longed to be in a room by the sea
Clean, but cluttered with old furniture and books with red covers
Left laying open to where she last stopped reading
Where they could lie together in the morning
Looking out at the ocean with no agenda, no plan
Just there, for as long as they wanted
To go out, feel the sun on her face with no time to check
Get lunch at a local beachside spot
And return to a freshly cleaned room…books still in place.
Somewhere where one could just be
Not concern herself with anyone’s well-being
Trusting that to the Great King for just a little while.
Trusting that for herself as well
To get lost in nothingness with him
To just be with him, feel his arms around her
And the joy that filled her heart when he did so
This man that never stopped surprising her heart
His actions belying at times his emotions,
Always with love and seeking the heart of the Father
They, arranged by Heaven’s matchmakers
She smiles, closes her eyes and turns her face to the sun

2 (1)My name is Leslie McCarthy. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and our sweet pup, Sadie. I am 64 and finding this season challenging, also joyful and relaxed. Seeking to grow deeper in Christ with those around me.