Spring’s Ambivalence

An icy surface stills the stream beneath.
Cold clouds cover up the warming sun.
Thick blankets of snow seek to smother daffodils.
Puffing winds bluff birdsongs back to nests.

But change is there to choose.

Will I use my voice to melt the wintry weather?
And let His warmth thaw lightness to my life?
My flowering soul erupts through suffocating shame,
and from this safety nest I plan to fly.

But change is challenging.

Back and forth, to and fro, the choices never end.
I want to try, I want to trust this Stranger as a friend.
My problems big, my progress small,
but small disguises huge.

That little stuff,
is Satans subterfuge.

Marilyn Johnson was impressed with rhythm, rhyme and word pictures ever since her mom read aloud poetry from a big Mother Goose book. She is the mother of two amazing adult children, a grandmother to seven successful, also adult children, and great granny GG to eight adorable, active, and of course brilliant, little people. Her hobbies include sewing, essential oils, and fixing anything from refinishing furniture to mending broken dollies and their clothes. She lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband of fifty-eight years, seeking to learn and practice healthy life lessons in the school of “just living.” Her passion is communicating God’s amazing love in ways that promote growth and authenticity.