Who Waits Behind The Mask

Who waits behind that mask that stares into dark space?
Whose eyes plead with yours to rip off the plastic face?
Whose hands yank against the cloth that holds them in their place?
Whose soul cries out in fear as nightmares come in chase
What was that creature’s name before it was a ghost?
What thoughts run within that mind hidden by its host?
What streets did those feet wander, where did they travel most?
What did those hidden lips utter: sweet songs, or brash boasts?
Who was this person before they ran from the light?
Who made this plastic canvas to cover their sight?
Who locked these iron shackles, who stamped out their fight?
Who turned their back on children, who left them in their plight?
You step towards them and reach for their perfect white mask;
You plead with them to run away and leave the mask at last;
You slam against their cage to free them from their past;
Now you stand among the ruins of your shattered
Looking glass.

Hannah Wilder is a 14 year old eighth grade student in Oregon. She recently moved with her parents and two brothers from Phoenix, Az. She has a passion for justice and also enjoys art, reading, and writing.  Her mom, Joanna Wilder, has been following and writing for Red Tent Living the past couple of years and attended the Brave On gathering in September. After hearing how her mom has explored her story and found more of her voice through Red Tent Living Hannah decided that she would like to write for Red Tent as well and start to find her place in all of this.