Second Chances

There have been so many answers to my call over the years of my life, countless “hellos” on the other end of the phone. Many different occasions, some in celebration, a baby is on the way, some in distress, have you heard from him, some with hope, when will you arrive, others with disappointment, I’m sorry for your loss.

But, for me, none compare to the familiar and loving voice on the receiving end of my phone call to my husband.

When I call my husband, he always answers in the same way “Hello Pretty Girl”.  Those three little words communicate so much to me. They tell me that my call is welcome, not a burden, they communicate love and honor. It makes my heart flutter to hear them spoken.  I must confess, I have occasionally dialed his number just to hear his deep masculine voice say “Hello Pretty Girl”. I cannot say exactly when this habit began, but I am thankful for his response to my call. I am very appreciative for his consistent and positive response. Its predictability is a reassuring reminder of our covenant connection. It is unique to only my call, not a common hello. It reminds me that I am his, a treasure to him.

We have spent many hours on the phone over the years, our courtship was long distance. I was living in San Antonio, Texas and he was residing in a small town, Midwest City, within a 10-mile radius of his birth. I was and am a true Texas girl, roots going deep into the heart of Texas. From my Love for Jesus to my love for the Dallas Cowboys, America’s team, Texas is Home.  I had decided early in my life that I’d always live in Texas, and even now as we reside in Oklahoma, I still think of Texas as home.


The Creek, as we affectionately call this property my parents own, holds many good memories. As we enter the gate many times a year to either celebrate holidays with family or to help with work projects it always has a welcome home “hello”.

Even now as I sit and write in the ranch house, I am at home. I am sitting on a brown leather coach in front of a fire place with a small burning fire, emitting warmth. A warm, cozy morning. This room will be full of numerous “hellos” in a few weeks, as we celebrate the Birth of our Savior, with siblings, children, nieces, nephews, and fiancés, but today it holds for me a quiet place to reflect and write.  A comfortable feeling of belonging.

John and I were married on this property. We said our “I do’s” under a tall pecan tree, adorned with small white lights, at sunset with a few close family members and friends. We wanted an intimate wedding, sharing our hope for happiness with our children and our parents. A simple but complex “hello” into our future.  We would both be entering matrimony for the second time. This “hello” to our future held lots of hope and careful consideration as we embarked on this adventure.

We daily thank our Lord for second chances.

We are intentional about protecting our marriage and honoring the “hello” we shared to our future, on that beautiful day in July filled with Hope and Promise.

I am more aware of the impact of a “hello” because of the gift of my husband’s voice on the other end of my call and his “Hello, Pretty Girl”. It is consistent, comforting, and calming. It gives me a sense of security and belonging that was designed for husband and wife by a loving Father who designed marriage to be a beautiful gift.  A simple yet profound response, has allowed me to be more grateful and to offer kind “hellos” to others.

Thank you, Father God. I pray that each of our children enjoy the “hellos” in their life and find comfort in the voice of their spouses or future spouses.


20160130_114505-1Jaimi Jones loves her life. Her favorite place to be is in the arms of her husband, John. She was born and raised in Texas, currently residing in Oklahoma. Words she would use to describe herself:  energetic, passionate worshipper, encourager, wisdom seeker and gatherer, overcomer, and prayer warrior.  She desires to follow Jesus into the unknown places and loves being a part of a greater adventure than she can even imagine. She and John have a marriage ministry, visit their page here.