Ride Along

When I first read the question, “Can I Come?” the next phrase that carried into my thoughts was, “And Will I Bring Myself Fully?”“Ride Along” is a poem about the personal dance of honoring our own complexities while risking acceptance. As you read, I invite to you ponder,

“What is your uniqueness that you bring into this world and how do you hold that in light of other’s notions?”

And, “what is it like to ponder the risk of acceptance while embracing authenticity of self?”

Ride Along

To be picked second,
not even third or fourth,
now that is a slap in the face.

I want to be first.

To be chosen,
but without the cost,
that comes with being picked by you.

When you ask, “Can I come?”
it stringently lashes my tongue.

Yet, I’m poised for feedback,
with me, myself and I.

See, I’m that woman with an arm full of color.

On Sundays,
you’ll find me with my sleeves rolled up,
hands in mud, with an ice cold beer,
making something out of clay.

I think my dogs are furry people.

And I geek out at gold nose rings
and stacks of books.
I’m a size 4 or 6 not 0 or 2.

And I like pink in my hair and a little blue, it just fades quick
but don’t we all?

I believe it’s fun to break rules,
and that women who make history rarely behave.

That tears are sweeter than laughter,
and when someone talks,
you listen.

And if you love them, you let them tell their story,
you listen well and you fight like hell for them.

So, I wanna come,
but back to the original question.

Of can,
we bare the disappointment or
linger in the lite sounds of hope,
believing it won’t fade us into the distance.

Cause it’s not a questions of can,
it’s a question of

Anna Smith Anna Smith is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Restore One, where she works diligently on their chief project, The Anchor House. The Anchor House will be the first shelter in the nation designed to meet the needs of sex trafficked and sexually exploited American boys. Anna has a resilient passion to see sex trafficking victims experience true healing and restoration. In her spare time, Anna enjoys biking with her husband Chris, reading, cooking, throwing pottery, running and yoga. Learn more about Restore One here.