To the Come Back Kid

March 17, 2016

Dear Come Back Kid,

Hey there friend. There are pure white caps covering up our mountains today. You’d like them up close. My eyes get caught on the blue backdrop behind–imagining just flying above in their grand shadow. They are called ‘The Olympics’.

Heard your heartbeat in my head, counted your pulse, tried to match your breaths. Winds whistle in and out of the car window. The freshness is like the promise I may yet hold you.

There are four siblings here for you. They wait in unashamed and giddy expectancy. Unconditioned love. Unconditioned grace. Unconditioned hope. They wait. Two boys. Two girls. Smiling and laughing they giggle about your hair and if it’s curly. Your eyes must be brown they conclude, and you probably love smiling too.

Mark tells me to pray for you to meet Jesus. Bryce says you were waiting in Heaven before he was born. (So, don’t worry, you’re already friends.) Jessica draws your current living quarters on my belly: creativity Un contained. Lucy pragmatically lists what you will need and that list is handy.

I don’t know your name but I’m sure we will be friends. I thought of you on this breathtakingly sunny afternoon, while driving home and aloud wondering if you met your siblings in Heaven before you came.

All my kids. All your sisters and brothers. All caught up in glory–snatched mercifully away from the business of modern sex slavery.

You see, each one will stretch out a hand of understanding.

Each one will have been free before they were born.

Each one will teach you a history carved fresh.

The violence of their conception has faded into tattoos of hope.

Let me introduce you:
Can you see the Corn? Rows and rows of corn sweep up Nebraska in proud glory. A blue sky jets out from the tops of grains & farms. I think she’s close to 26 years old now. I imagine She is a lover of slow talk, cookies, good friends and music. She didn’t stay here long. She had to go. As her mom I didn’t know the details of holding or diapering babies but I understood love. So, She has always had my love. I imagine she has red hair, but I’m waiting to find out for sure when we finally meet.

Sibling number two is close to 25 years old. He’s probably dancing or playing basketball. Smart too. Loves to swim and climb. Grace called him up to heaven to play and there he flies from town to town, smiling and socializing until he’s ready to grab some roast beef and gravy. (Or so I imagine). There’s no rush to his talk but it’s tender and its excitement draws you in. I think he’s blond. Tan skin. White teeth. All smile.

Your next Sister is about 22 years old. Even though she contemplates life with full eyes, she’s can’t hide her joy. I think she’s beautiful. Wears her custom dresses. Combs her hair and then tries out different braids. The surprise rests in the easy laughter that erupts at silly jokes or puns. It catches you breathing in and when you exhale, the tiredness escapes. My eyes twinkle when I think of meeting her face to face. Expect a shy then full hug.

The next guy isn’t so funny, but he’s so loyal. Your brother is handsome. He’s nearly 21 now. I remember when I discovered he was growing inside of me – I held him as close to me as possible. I think he liked to snuggle up close – just had to get in that extra hug. He couldn’t make it to Poulsbo with me. It didn’t work out. His shortened rest with me carried a piece of my heart out. If you needed anything, I’m sure he’d help.

(You’re probably overwhelmed at the number of friends you already have waiting – well, that we have waiting in Heaven. The Father? It’s my husband, Lewis. Your Dad too. Big, curly hair and a smile from ear to ear. He’s into wrestling, laughing, working and can’t leave sweets alone. Most importantly, he loves our Jesus. It motivates him from somewhere deep to love me and it will envelop you too. Don’t worry.)

Also turning 21 is another brother. He couldn’t stay here with me either. He left on time though because Jesus called him home. Of course, like you, he arrived to a pile of friends and family. He wasn’t shy or too outgoing. Rumor has it he’s always studying to help others. I’m excited to sit by him and hear his voice read me stories of adventure and drama.

Then, there’s the 19 year old. She’s studying ballet! I thought she’d be playing basketball, but she’s a dancer and of course, I’m bursting with pride. The recitals there can be rather spontaneous. I’ll catch one soon. We can all sit together in the front row. If you’re worried that her focus will keep her from sitting down to eat with us, don’t. She loves her family. You are part of that family too.

Luis and I have two more babes running free. The first is a 9 year old girl. She’s just bright and care free. She loves to run with her long legs. Chases the wind daily- letting her imagination design her course. Her hair, not easily tangled, falls down her back as she runs. She is beautiful. Your brother is 5. He’s into trucks, Legos and sand. He plays at the beach as often as he can. The dark brown eyes explore the details of every new place.

I count 8 babes living in glory and four more in my house. We were 12 before we found out you’d be ours. I love you. The stuff that makes us family is born anew from Jesus’ love. I didn’t get the courage to change my situation until I met your Dad, Luis. You’re gonna love him. It’s a big family. We cry. We laugh. We say please and thank you. We pray. We love. Welcome to my house come back kid.

Welcome to my house
We can’t even slow down
We don’t have to go out
Welcome to my house
Play that music too loud
Show me what you do now
We don’t have to go out
Welcome to my house

Morning comes and you know that you wanna stay
Close the blinds, let’s pretend that the time has changed

Welcome to my house.

cropped-header.pngMother of four and wife of one awesome Mexican this Red Tent Woman has recently finished step one in her family’s fight against trafficking. She continues to fight for sanity and love every day. Red Tent Living respects the importance of preserving her family’s safety and anonymity.