You are Always: A poem

There is never a moment where You don’t notice me
I am never away from You
I am never forgotten by You

I see my ugly sin, I see my struggles and hard days
I’m tempted to believe You turned away
Distracted by something
And in that moment, I was harmed

But You don’t go. You are always there.
I cannot be left. I cannot be forgotten.
By being outside of time, by being ever present, by being all knowing
You are always.


facebook_908000211Kacy Davis lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, Collin. She is a special education teacher and advocate of those with special needs and loves her job. She spends her time riding bikes with her husband, running, reading, and enjoying those she loves. Kacy believes in reinventing what it means to be a woman and wife who loves the Lord and longs to help others learn to love the Lord with abandon, freedom, and a greater understanding of grace. She writes here.