Recently my husband and I went camping on the shores of Lake Michigan. We have made it a tradition to go a weekend around our anniversary to kick off the summer camping season.

It was a cool, cloudy Saturday but we walked the beach anyway. As we were walking, we came across a family that had 3 young boys digging a huge hole in the sand. It brought back all the times we had camped as a family when our boys were growing up (we started when I our youngest was just 6 months old), many of these times were on the shores of Lake Michigan. In an instant I was transported back and saw the faces of Joe, Andy and Chris digging a giant hole in the sand.

I have so many memories of the fun we had…with one trauma of a temporarily lost 5 year old! The boys often talk about all the memories they have and THAT was what it was all about, building memories.

So hello summer! Trips are planned, one with our oldest son and his family. The camper is ready for our next memory building trip on this journey with my three sons.1

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Deanna Sturgeon lives in Michigan with her husband of 31 years. A mother of three boys and 4 grandchildren, she loves playing with her grandkids, spending time with her family and friends, camping, watching the waves at the beach, and reading. She is learning to embrace what wild Jesus has for her through love, dreams, hope and laughter.