Flower Child

When I was a little girl I’d spend hours upon hours playing and imagining in my Grandma’s garden. Recently I came across a photo of myself playing in her garden, and it inspired me to write this poem.


Flower Child

Amidst hydrangeas

One blossom tucked behind her ear

Bunches bundled

Clutched by her palms

She stands strong

Woodsy and Wild

Perfect for a flower child

Grandma’s garden,

She says, “I beg you ponder?

This is a garden?

Oh no, we are in the magical forest!

I’m no ordinary girl, I’m a princess.

And these flowers hold special powers.”

Purple fragrance

Dispels imagination

Fueling impartation

Taking her to another land

Far, Far Away

Where she can romp and play

Accompanying her royal highness

Nut-brown fuzzy fur cocker


Gallantly scooters

Nose to the air

Scoping the empire

Guarding against evil’s desire

Birds chant


Enchanting spells

Dropping wings

Landing, Splashing

Water falls

Sun dancing on her face

Holding light

Twirling ensues

Pure delight

Another place

Held deeply

Amidst hydrangeas

Woodsy and Wild

Perfect for a flower child,

But I am a princess.

Anna Smith Anna Smith is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Restore One, where she works diligently on their chief project, The Anchor House. The Anchor House will be the first shelter in the nation designed to meet the needs of sex trafficked and sexually exploited American boys. Anna has a resilient passion to see sex trafficking victims experience true healing and restoration. In her spare time, Anna enjoys biking with her husband Chris, reading, cooking, throwing pottery, running and yoga. Learn more about Restore One here.