You were created in Christ and are His masterpiece.

He loves you like no other; with a love that won’t cease.

When bogged down in the despair of tribulation and trial

Seek His face.

Run to His arms.

Rest a while

Lean on His promises.

He has been with you all along.

In battle and testing, may your faith remain strong.

Cry out to Jesus!

He hears you when you pray.

He is near to the brokenhearted, both night and day.

He attends to you when you are strong and when weak.

In return, all He asks is for Him, your heart and soul to seek.

Through Him, you have become a creation that is new.

Remember His love.

He will never leave nor forsake you.

In this life, you will reap the harvest of what you sow.

My you bear much fruit as you mature and grow.

Though the storms around rage, do not be afraid.

You are part of a greater plan, the one God laid.

For battle He clothed you with His helmet, shield and sword

Praise Him…




Jesus… My Lord!


Becky Schulthess is a small town girl at heart. She treasures the true friendships developed throughout her years journeying on the healing path. Growth and change are things she has embraced, and she is beginning to fully live. Currently she is pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Biblical Studies degree.nbsp